Which kind of "sexy" do you prefer: the fearless Ellen Adarna or the sweet Sam Pinto?


Ellen Adarna (L) and Sam Pinto (R) have both graced the cover of FHM Philippines twice.

But who's sexier?

The lady who's into "Crossfit Training" or the one who watches what she eats?

Regulars of the FHM Philippines web forum have an ongoing debate over two Kapuso beauties.

Who is sexier—the reigning sexiest Pinay Sam Pinto or the magazine's January cover girl Ellen Adarna?

Of course, boys will be boys, and while a chunk of the male population is busy with the online war, we spill the "stay sexy" secrets of Ellen and Sam.

FEARLESS ELLEN. We reached Ellen via Facebook to get her reaction on being pitted against the Bubble Gang beauty.

Her candid reply, "Totoo ba to??!! Hahahahahhah of course flattered sino ba naman ang hindi diba? ganda ganda at sexy ni sam. oo diba? bongga."

The current FHM cover girl is undoubtedly candid.

In a previous interview, the internet celebrity-turned-reality TV star mentioned that if given the chance, she would have her breasts enhanced through surgical augmentation. (CLICK HERE to read related article)

Not that she is obsessed about getting a boob job, but Ellen is the type to do whatever it takes to improve her self confidence.

For now, the 23-year-old Cebuana is more keen about staying fit and healthy by natural means.

Every week, she alternates Crossfit training, boxing, and gym workouts to stay in shape.

Ellen admits that she loves to eat, and has no restrictions when it comes to food.

She only goes on a diet whenever she feels bloated, or when she thinks she's gained extra weight.

Her food choices include high-fiber meals, like vegetable salad and sticks, plus, seafood dishes.

SWEET SAM. On the other hand, the FHM Philippines' reigning queen credits her slim figure to good genes.

In the August 2011 issue of Women's Health Philippines, Sam mentioned being influenced by her mom, who prefers organic food, to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

And the svelte 22-year-old model-actress does that...and also eats anything she wants!


As a matter of fact, we have pictures to prove how she finished—with much gusto—a four-course dinner served during her Manila Bay cruise date with young actor Alden Richards. (CLICK HERE to view related gallery)

She is also, apparently, a beer drinker, but has successfully prevented herself from growing the dreaded "beer belly."

Her secret to staying slim is to always eat in small portions and drink in moderation.

She also exercises once in a while, and, as often as she can, tries to find time for badminton or swimming.

The latter, she says, cures her stress.

And given the chance, she would love playing the mermaid Dyesebel in one of her future TV or movie projects.





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