Raymond Gutierrez finds "sexy solution" to his weight problem


See the transformation of Raymond Gutierrez in less than six months!

At the first Philippine Fashion Ball in August 2011, he could be easily spotted (see left photo) given his towering height and bulky frame. B

ut these days, he is 30-40 lbs. lighter (see right photo), and definitely looks and feels better.

As far as weight is concerned, Raymond Gutierrez had long accepted that between him and twin brother Richard, he was the "fat kid."

The Showbiz Central host told the press last January 24, at the launch of Sexy Solutions in Essensa, The Fort: "I've known for a long time naman na I was overweight.

"Gising naman ako sa katotohanan, 'di ba? Hindi naman ako nagfi-feeling payat. Alam ko naman na mataba ako."

As time flew, he became more resigned to the fact that he would never get thinner.

He admitted, "Dumating ako sa point na you feel like there's no turning back.

"You feel like you've reached the point na doon ka na, mataba ka na, and wala ka nang magagawa about it."

But it all changed when almost three months ago, Raymond inadvertently found a solution to his problem.

"It was offered to me actually by Dra. Vicki [Belo] and Cristalle [Henares] noong shinu-shoot ko si Vicki for Esquire," the magazine, where Raymond is currently the style director.

"Sinabi niya, she was looking at me and she was like, 'You know, you're so handsome, but you just need to lose the weight talaga. Can you allow me to help you?'"

The 28-year-old Kapuso celebrity decided to take the offer, "It would be stupid of me if I decline, so I had to say yes."

THE JOURNEY OF LOSING WEIGHT. After his initial consultation, the first thing he was asked to do was follow a customized diet plan prepared by the clinic's in-house nutrition consultant Nadine Tengco.

The same lady who worked with the contestants of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition advised Raymond to eat high-fiber foods.

Next, he was introduced to non-invasive slimming treatments, which help stimulate metabolism and eliminate fat.

Work was done on specific problem areas such as the arms, thighs, and abdomen.


For the third step, regular workout sessions with model and fitness expert Edward Mendez were incorporated into in his schedule.

Plus, he started boxing three to four times a week, and doing core kinesis.

The latter is a new kind of workout that uses a cable and pulley system, allowing 360-degree movements as opposed to stationary positions in common gym equipment. According to Women's Health Philippines Magazine, this workout makes the body stronger and more flexible. It also helps shed off 400-800 calories in just 45 minutes.

KNOWING WHAT TO DO. In just three months, Raymond had already lost 30-40 lbs.

He thanked Georgina Wilson for being his "weight-loss buddy," and his friends for helping him adjust to his new lifestyle.

Raymond related, "Ako, iyong barkada ko talaga iyong naging support group ko.

"Parang hindi na nga kami nagha-hang out so much sa mga bars.

"Now ang hangout namin, sa gym or sa clinic. Doon na kami nagkikita-kita."

He was also glad about finding the right solution to his prolem, "The best way for you is it should be tailor-made for you talaga.

"You don't just read something general and then apply it in your life, because lahat tayo, iyong body natin nagre-react differently sa iba't ibang treatments, sa ibang workouts.

"So kailangan, alam mo talaga iyong gagawin mo."

Finally, Raymond encouraged the people to never lose hope.

Smiling, he said, "You can still lose the weight. You can still look your best no matter what age.

"I just turned 28 so I know it was easier for me when I was 19 to lose the weight, 'di ba?

"Pero I wanna tell people out there that you can do it, and there is a way to do it."

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