STAR TIPS: What they do to counter ill effects of wearing shoes with high heels


Style blogger Laureen Uy wore a four-inch neon green pumps from Sugarfree shoes when she attended the Clinique party on January 19.

To avoid getting varicose veins or having back pains after wearing such towering pair of heels, she said: "Night time lang ako usually nagpa-pumps and heels, pero usually ako naka-wedges.”

Does wearing high-heeled footwear cause varicose veins?

According to—they are usually hereditary; an effect of aging and lack of proper exercise; and a result of hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy and puberty.

However, he says that frequent use of stilletos with heels measuring above four centimeters may worsen an existing "venous insufficiency problem."

How? Because the person uses her calf muscles when walking.

"Since calf muscle pumping is responsible for emptying and pushing blood in the leg to the heart, wearing high heels will lead to more pooling of blood in the calf.

"This will distend the veins in the leg and thus lead to valve dysfunction and ultimately give rise to varicose veins."

At the Clinique cosmetics launch party held on January 19, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked some of our local stars's secret to varicose-free legs.

Beauty queen-turned-TV star Bianca Manalo said, "Every time I go home na, nire-raise ko iyong legs ko sa head board ng kama.

"Doon, nire-raise ko iyon hanggang sa makatulog na 'ko. Pag nakatulog na 'ko, saka ako lilipat ng tamang posisyon.

"Pero every time talaga na naka-heels ako, tinataas ko iyong legs ko para mag-flow daw ulit iyong dugo."

The same goes for model-host Joey Mead who said, "Before I go to bed, me and my husband [entrepreneur Ian King] would put our feet up."

Joey cited another ill effect of high heels: It may trigger back pain.

According to, "The normal s-curve shape of the back acts as a shock absorber, reducing stress on the vertebrae. Wearing high heels causes lumbar (low-back) spine flattening and a posterior (backward) displacement of the head and thoracic (mid-back) spine.

"High heel shoes cause you to lean forward and the body's response to that is to decrease the forward curve of your lower back to help keep you in line. Poor alignment may lead to muscle overuse and back pain."


Luckily for Joey, she owns this gadget at home called an inversion table that helps relieve her discomfort.

"Because I have a bad back from wearing heels all my life, so I go on my inversion table and it basically goes upside down."

Joey also adds that exercising regularly can help "keep your blood pumping" in the leg area.

Meanwhile, style blogger and My Binondo Girl actress Laureen Uy has a stylish way of keeping her legs and feet healthy.

"I always wear wedges and then socks to protect it [feet] lang so I don't get dirty from walking all throughout the day.

"Night time lang ako usually nagpa-pumps and heels, pero usually ako, naka-wedges."

Laureen uses regular fashion socks.

But for people who have existing varicose veins or are prone to developing them, they can try the compression stockings, which are made using stronger elastic material.

How do they work?

These specialized hosieries "put pressure on the surface of the legs that tends to constrict the veins, narrowing the path of blood."





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