Anne Curtis: "I can't believe nag-concert ako!"


Anne Curtis on being a singer and performer: "I just want to experience it. I mean, this isn't my career. Parang I'm not gonna be a singer. Parang I just want to experience that once in my life, na masasabi kong, 'Oo, nag-concert ako!"

Anne Curtis was on a cloud nine after Annebisyosa, her "first and last" concert.

The Big Dome was filled to the rafters. Her numbers were well-applauded. Her audience had fun. She was in her element.

But what the cameras failed to capture was her nervousness.

"Gusto kong maiyak!" said Anne during her photoshoot for a glossy magazine recently.

The turnout was beyond her expectations.

She related, "It was so funny na I thought they were just feeding it to me para hindi ako ma-feel bad kung hindi puno.

"Kasi, hindi ko tinatanong. Hindi ko tinatanong ang ticket sales. Ayaw kong tanungin.

"Si Raymund Isaac [Anne's photographer friend], he was covering it all, sabi niya, 'Pustahan tayo, P5,000. Puno 'yan!'

"Kahit hindi puno naman basta sakto."

During the preparations, her simple wish was:" Kahit patron lang ang mapuno, masaya na ako. Gumaganon pa ako."

She didn't think about the ticket sales, and just focused on rehearsing.

"Bahala na. Ayaw ko nang isipin. I told them, 'Don't tell me about the ticket sales. Don't tell me about ano...'

"Ayaw ko munang malaman kasi, I mean, happy na ako kung pinagbigyan ako ng Music Museum, alam mo 'yon.

"Pero si Boss Vic, Araneta kaagad!

"I was so nervous!"

A DREAM COME TRUE. As previously mentioned, Anne initially thought the people around her were just trying to make her feel comfortable.

The actress recounted, "Noong day itself, when they came in they're like, 'Mama, ang dami nang nakapila sa labas!'

"I was like, they're just making me feel okay, 'yon ang thoughts ko."

The It's Showtime host had the biggest surprise of her life upon seeing the crowd inside the Araneta on the night of January 28.

Anne could barely breathe inside the props used in her opening act.

"I could hear na 'yong 'Anne Curtis!' Sabi ko, 'Oh, my god! Oh, my god!,' Parang magha-hyperventilate sa loob.


"'Tapos 'yong lights, nagpatay na. Ang nakikita ko na lang laser lights.

"'Tapos 'yong music pa kasi nakakatensyon.

"'Tapos noong nararamdaman ko na tinatanggal na nila [cover], sabi ko, 'Oh, my god! Oh, my god! This is it.'

"Pagtingin ko puno [ang Araneta]!"

The concert was an experience she will never forget.

While performing for the "madlang people," she held back her tears.

"Sabi ko, I won't cry kaya nag-moment muna ako sa loob. Sabi ko, 'I can't cry.' Sabi kasi nila sa akin, 'Don't cry.'

"Kasi, when I cried during rehearsal, pumangit voice ko lalo, 'tapos 'yong make-up and everything."

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ANNE, THE ROCK STAR. Since it was her "first and last" concert, Anne made sure her audience would experience total entertainment.

Aside from her voice rehearsals, she also had guitar lessons at the RJ School of Music. She was able to use the latter in one of the segments.

And she was able to show her "rock-star side."

That night, she performed with local rock artists Rico Blanco and Ira Cruz.

"That's my era, e. That's what I love!" said Anne.

"Kung bibigyan lang ako ng chance maging rock star! Ha-ha!

"Pero it was fun. Sabi ko talaga kay Rico and Ira, 'Thank you so much guys.'

"Sabi nila, 'Okay lang 'yan. Astig, astig!'

"They're proud of me after.

"I can't believe I did it!"

THE COSTUMES. Anne's voice may have limitations, but she made up for this deficit through her costumes.

Anne said, laughing, "Hindi ko kinaya 'yong 14 [outfits]!"

She added, "Kaya 'yong last, 'yong gown na red, sabi ko, 'Wait lang. Puwede bang kumalma muna?"

"I think that's why it didn't sink in kasi I keep on running.

"Parang I didn't have time to thank people, thank my guests or ano kasi parang run-perform-change outfit, run-perform-change outfit!


"Kaya noon sinabi ko, 'Okay, wait lang.' Lumuhod na ako."

Her costumes included a red-sequined long gown, a Rio Carnival outfit, and some studded clothes.

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"JUST FOR FUN." Because her mind was too preoccupied with her production numbers, it was only after the show when things began to sink in.

"Nakakatuwa kasi parang hindi ako makausap talaga that day," Anne related.

"I was tulala after, e. I was like, 'Okay ba? Okay ba 'yong show?'

"Tanong lang ako nang tanong. Parang sila Liz [Uy] hindi ako makausap after the show.

"'Tapos ako, 'Okay ba? Okay ba 'yong concert? Nakakatawa ba?' Alam mo 'yong parang gano'n."

What did her friends say?

"They said it was okay naman," Anne replied.

"The next day, nag-sink in na, ang dami kong nakalimutang lyrics.

"Then, Vice [Ganda] nga said, 'Girl, we didn't come here naman to expect you to sing well.

"We came here just to see you sing your heart out!'

"Sabi ko, 'Tama ka naman.'"

Indeed, Anne enjoyed every moment of it:

"It's just for fun lang naman talaga kapag ako. Wala naman akong iisipin na voice. I survived, thank God!"

Is she going to do it again?

"I just want to experience it. I mean, this isn't my career. Parang I'm not gonna be a singer.

"Parang I just want to experience that once in my life, na masasabi kong, 'Oo, nag-concert ako!"

WORLD TOUR. Right after the event, Anne was teased by her bosses from the Viva Artist Agency about bringing her concert abroad.

Anne said, "Nakakatuwa, sabi ni Boss Vic, 'O, ano, repeat?'

"Sabi ko, 'Boss Vic, hindi ko na po kaya.'"

The TV host-actress was referring to Viva Entertainment executive Vicente "Vic" del Rosario III.

Whether she wants it or not, Anne will have a concert tour for Annebisyosa.


In fact, she is set to go to the U.S., then, the Middle East.

Still recent milestones that happened in her life, Anne exclaimed, "My god, I can't believe I did this. I can't believe nag-concert ako!"





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