John Rendez empathizes with Superstar Nora Aunor's loneliness


John Rendez on seeing Ate Guy getting lonely at times: "Most people do not see themselves in her position because of what she's going through. When you see people, you know what they're going through and you kind of empathize with them. I've been with her 20 years already."

Like any other showbiz personality, John Rendez values his privacy and wouldn't want to share much information with the local media regarding "personal matters."

By personal it means John's non-showbiz relationships with his family back home in Angeles City, Pampanga, his birthplace and hometown.

But the controversial former disc jockey-rap artist and occasional actor, who has been associated with superstar Nora Aunor, is open about having an ex-wife and a 12-year-old daughter named Annacain.

"Just don't get too much information about my daughter. Because I'm here and I wouldn't be able to protect her," John cautioned the members of the local showbiz press, including (Philippine Entertainment Portal), when interviewed recently at the Excelsior condo lobby coffee shop.

At 40 and weighing a little over 200 lbs, Filipino-American John Rendez, who is John Robert Porter, Jr. in real life, flew back from Los Angeles a week after the Superstar arrived on August 2, but without much fanfare from the industry.

John doesn't mind, though.

In an earlier interview, Nora personally expressed her affectionate regard for John, owing to his positive traits as a person, saying, 'How could you not like somebody who stuck with you through thick and thin; and through your ups and downs?.'

To which, John simply smiled and said, "No comment... I just do it. [It] comes naturally."

John also told, "I love my daughter the most. She looks very much like me. Very tall, very fair, and she's very shy."

Contrary to public notion that he and Nora are still into a kind of "deep relationship" and just couldn't—and wouldn't—let go of each other, John is like any other normal guy who dearly loves his mother.


"My mom is number one to me. The only woman in my life.

"My mom, my daughter, of course. Foremost is my mom, [then] my daughter."

John also said that it is his mom, or Annacain's lola, who is taking care of his daughter.

"I want my mom to train her up as a good, respectable lady.

"But in case she ends up like a daddy's girl baka maging spoiled pa siya, e, di ba?

"My mom is a good mom. She knows how to raise her.

"She raised me, my brothers and sisters. But she [Annacain] talks to her mom [John's ex-wife] and her [maternal] lola also."

JOHN'S EX-WIFE. In the interview, John spoke much about his personal relationships without having to name names, except for his 12-year-old daughter.

About Annacain's mother, John said, "I love my [former] wife very much, but I just can't... we're not compatible. But I look up to her."

So much has been said about John's being a hindrance to Nora's showbiz career. But the negative tirades on John has also affected him and his personal relationships.

"Nasira nga ang pagsasama namin ng asawa ko because of all these negative things," confessed John.

"Actually, all the things that they talked about me have destroyed my character.

"Destroyed my reputation. Destroyed my career, but I haven't got my justice!

"And I don't even know how to attack and defend myself from the things that I don't even know about.

"I don't even know why they disliked me."


As to the reasons why he and his wife separated, after having daughter Annacain in 1999, John admitted his friendship with Nora has something to do with it.

"Sabi ko sa asawa ko, 'Una kong nakilala si Ate Guy [Nora]. Friend ko 'yan. If you don't stop talking [bad] about her, iiwanan kita.'

"And she wouldn't shut up, so we split up. I told her, 'Respect my friends. I don't care if you're my wife, just don't disrespect my friend when I'm around!'"

ABOUT ANNACAIN AND HER DAD. "My daughter, she's more important to me [now]," John stressed.

Would he allow her daughter to enter show business once she expresses interest and preference for it?

"Not right now," answered John. "Because I won't be able to watch her every step.

"And, you know, keep her safe along the way. I don't want her taking any chances."

Like any typical father, John wants his daughter to finish her studies before anything else.

"I want her to go to school. Aral muna.

"Forget about showbiz muna. Dad is the artista here, okay?"

About his own showbiz career, as actor and recording artist, John thinks positive.

"I consider myself an artista, consider myself an artist, a record producer," he said.

"If I make movies, that's great, right? If I make records, that's great!

"But if I do nothing, I don't bother anyone. I'm contented with my life.

"We'll never know what we're gonna do, you know.

"I don't have any plans right now, 'cause I don't wanna plan and not be able to produce, you know.


"Don't talk [about it] if you can't make it.

"But once there, you'd be surprised," smiled John.

In fact, he has talked to a record producer who is interested to re-record John's debut rap album, Metal Dog.

The actor-rapper is also waiting a call from the production team of El Presidente, which offered John the role of an American military general during the presidency of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, to be portrayed by Gov. ER Ejercito, directed by Tikoy Aguiluz.

ABOUT ATE GUY. For the most part of the interview, John talked seriously about Nora, whom he also fondly calls "Ate Guy."

"Si Ate Guy, naiintindihan ko siya.

"Pag nakikita ko siya, wala siyang ibang tao na nakakausap. She's very lonely, you know that?"

Aside from his and Nora's love for music, there's one simple thing that binds Nora and John together, through all these years.

"I make her laugh," stated John.

"When I start to make faces, gano'n, tatakutin ko siya kunwari, she goes..." John mimicked Guy's laughter.

"She really enjoys it!"

But, according to John, Ate Guy, at times, can be very, very lonely.

"She doesn't have friends that she can... understand what she's going through.

"Di ba? People that she can tell her problems to.

"Most people do not see themselves in her position because of what she's going through," he said.

"When you see people, you know what they're going through and you kind of empathize with them.

"I've been with her 20 years already."

For John, as it is also for Nora, "physical bonding" is out of the question. That's why both professed they aren't each other's "boyfriend-girlfriend."


"Respect is not by, you know, physical pleasure. I can be a monk," John declared.





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