FASHION SPOTLIGHT: Gypsy girl Yeng Constantino

IMAGE Noel Orsal

On Yeng: (L-R) Snakeskin-printed gypsy dress, boho headband, and black leather lace-up boots.

Still not keen on going sexy and showing some skin this summer?

Then make singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino’s recent red carpet look your peg for the season.

At the March 26 premiere of the Star Magic Workshops digital film Anino, where the Hawak Kamay chanteuse made her acting debut, she channeled the hippie era of the 1970’s in a mini gypsy dress with cropped sleeves.

The brown, snakeskin-printed frock matched her auburn hair perfectly, which was accented with a braided leather and chain boho headband.

Although the garment itself gave off a retro vibe, Yeng was able to give it a modern, pop rock twist by pairing it with black leather lace-up booties.

Yeng's unique sense of style has always rooted for pieces that are edgy but girly at the same time; never too revealing but still sexy in her own right.

COP THAT LOOK. The comfortable and breezy nature of a gypsy dress easily makes a good summer wardrobe.

Usually made with soft fabrics like cotton, it is very light and can be worn either on its own or as a cover-up for your bikini.

Pair it with flip flops, thongs, or any flat sandals when going on a daytime stroll.

Pop on a wide-brimmed hat or bandana, and big-framed sunglasses for sun protection and added charm.

For night time parties, slip on a pair of platform wedge sandals for extra sexiness.

Accessorize with layers of long necklaces and/or chunks of bangles and a tiny clutch bag for a cute finishing touch.





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