Chuckie Dreyfus's dream destination is Venice: “I promised to take my wife and the kids there one day. It's also very romantic!”

Chuckie Dreyfus has been to Europe and dreams of taking his family there one summer; Venice, in particular. "It's my wife's dream to go to Europe," he says.

In a recent interview with Survivor Philippines castaway Chuckie Dreyfus, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked the actor-songwriter about his plans for the summer.

“Beach!” he exclaimed.

“It's been a while since Survivor, so I'm looking forward to seeing the ocean.

“And spending time with my wife and kids… frolicking on the sand.”

UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER. Chuckie remembers family bonding moments in the country's summer capital.

“My family and I spent summer in Baguio a few years back,” he said.

“The family went there to serve in our Catholic Community's Pentecost event.

“But it allowed us to unwind and really bond as a family.

“We even had the opportunity to ride the jeep all around town with friends during those couple of days."

DREAM DESTINATION. We asked Chuckie about his deam destination this summer.

He replied, “That would definitely be abroad with wife [Yen] and our two kids [Ralph and Ella].


“We would go to Europe [Paris, Rome, Venice].

“I've been to those places already, but my wife hasn't.

“It's also her dream to go to Europe [Venice, in particular].

“I promised to take her and the kids there one day.”

He added, smiling, “It's also very romantic!”


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