FASHION SPOTLIGHT: Karylle goes on a “road trip”

IMAGE Noel Orsal

In this warm weather, you can't go wrong with a sleeveless top, and a pair of shorts matched with cute accessories, just like Karylle’s ensemble.

Whether it was intentional or not, we give props to Karylle for dressing up in theme—and in style—for the launch of her new album Roadtrip.

On April 23, at the Centerstage KTV in Makati, the pop chanteuse showed up in an ensemble that is refreshing and comfortable to wear when traveling.

A sleeveless top, stretch denim shorts, and a pair of Aurora wedges from Michael Antonio, in uniform red and white motif, made a nice palette to throw in some colorful accessories.

She accented her collar with a dainty aqua and gold necklace, which beautifully broke the monotony of her striped button down shirt.

She also played around with some bright neon nail colors—a mismatch of teal on her fingers and vivid yellow on her toes.

And just like a road tripper, she opted to keep her wrist ornaments simple wearing a black leather wristwatch and square black bangles (we wish she piled on some more in different colors).


To finish her look, Karylle also styled her hair with side braids, a nice way to keep her hair away from her face, while adding texture and appeal to her whole outfit.

This really is a nice outfit to wear for this season of sojourns.

So, who among you, PEPsters, will try this look on your next getaway?


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