Derek Ramsay returns to being a sportsman

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Derek Ramsay does not plan to leave showbiz. “I don’t wanna forget that side of me,” he says. “I’ve given up a lot, I’ve sacrificed a lot to explore this new talent that I have and at the same time enjoy.”

In this photo: Derek was had goosebumps upon seeing the shirt he was wearing when he got injured late last year.

Derek Ramsay is determined to play on the field again to represent the country in the World Cup of Frisbee.

Before this game, however, he is challenged to convince his girlfriend, actress Angelica Panganiban, to let him play in July.

Derek said Angelica has taken his passport so he could not join the game.

“[Angelica] said, ‘Itatago ko ang passport mo. Hindi ka pupunta sa Japan sa July. If you do it’s over,’” he related when (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other media interviewed him in Boracay recently.

But the actor said that Angelica was just playing around. He’s still hoping to change her mind before the event.

“We’re in good terms. She’s just playing hard to get. I’ll be able to twist her, hopefully. I told her that she should just come with me,” he said.

Derek could not blame the actress for being hard on him because he had been injured while playing Frisbee for several times already.


The most recent incident happened late last year, when the celebrity athlete broke his ulna and radial bones on his left arm during the finals of the Manila Spirits Ultimate Frisbee tournament held at the Ayala Alabang Country Club.

But this incident could not stop Derek from playing for one last time. He swore that the World Cup of Frisbee would be his “farewell tournament.”

“So I hope to get out there and train,” he said.

CHOOSING SPORTS. Derek’s passion for sports actually became the deciding factor in accepting TV5’s offer despite the counter-offer he got from his former home network ABS-CBN.

“I was wired in the way I was born, with the passion for sports,” explained Derek at the press conference prepared for him recently after signing a three-year exclusive contract with TV5.

He stressed that by choosing TV5, Derek would have more opportunities to do things related to sports.


For his first projects, he will be doing the Amazing Race Philippines and will be part of the TV5 coverage team for the 2012 London Olympics.

“I wanna do something that I want to do,” Derek stated.

“At the end of the day, kapag pumapasok ka sa trabaho, gusto mong pumasok na you love your job and all that, which I did when I was in ABS-CBN.

“But when it’s your passion, it will be a totally different thing.

“So, when we looked at the two offers, ‘yong passion ko lumabas talaga dito.

“I was like, ‘Wow! These are cool!”

“When I looked at Amazing Race, Olympics, it sent a different smile on my face.”

Derek was particularly excited about the Olympics because he would not only meet the athletes from different countries, he would also get the chance to show his hometown to his girlfriend.

“Well, that’s once in every four years, that’s what make Olympics important,” the actor-TV host said.


“It’s not like NBA na every season.

“This is when you represent your country.

“These are the best athletes sa buong mundo, coming together once every four years.

“Also the feeling na suot mo ang kulay ng bansa mo, kakantahin mo ‘yong national anthem, you can’t buy. That’s what makes the Olympics the Olympics. I want to be a part of that.”

He added, “It’s my dad’s hometown, my hometown. It’s also an opportunity for me to see my family.

“Maybe it’s also a good chance for me to show Angelica where I came from and where I studied.”

HELPING LOCAL ATHLETES. Another reason Derek took TV5’s offer was its promise to support him in promoting sports and helping athletes.

“I wanted to look on the support of the network to promote this passion that I have,” he related.

He further explained, “I don’t think it’s just because of sport, I think it’s because of passion. It’s just the passion that I have for sport.


“You know, for five years, ako ‘yong nagpa-fund ng Philippine Team out of my own pocket so I could get kids to travel.

“I get them passports, I lined up at the Chinese Consulate for six hours so I can get these kids that don’t have passports, and fly to Shanghai to compete.

“I wasn’t looking for a reward, just a little recognition for these boys, who played hard when needed and it’s so well. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen that way.

“But here I am now and TV5 is very vocal that they will support me.”

Although the competition in July would be his last tournament, Derek vowed to continue helping local athletes.

“That will never stop,” he said.

“That’s why appreciate what TV5 does because they’re really exposing sports.

“Ako, I’m not turning my back on helping and supporting children play whatever sport.”


NOT QUITING SHOWBIZ. While Derek would be more focused on sports programs in his new home network, he assured that he would not leave his job as an actor.

“Hindi ko iiwan ang pag-a-acting,” Derek said.

““I’ve never believed I’d become an actor.”

“I can’t believe until today that I am an actor and that I’m doing very well.

“I’m so blessed. I can’t believe I’m doing it.

“It’s something na I’m beginning to believe that I also had this talent and I’m beginning to love this craft.”

For Derek, he’s just trying to balance his time with his new found talent and his passion for sports.

He reiterated, “Ever since I was born, sports, that kind of thing, that’s been my passion. And I’ll never turn my back on that.”


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