Audrey Tan-Zubiri reveals another benefit of motherhood: “Nakakapayat!”

IMAGE Mike Caliwara

Audrey Tan-Zubiri talks about one advantage of being a mom at 25: “When you’re young, you’re also a bit more flexible to a lot of ideas. You’re not yet set in your ways.

“So when the child comes, it‘s easy for you to adapt to the child, kasi hindi ka pa nga masyadong set. And even with the ideas, it’s easy to still take on a lot of new technologies, a lot of parenting methods.”

A regular day for Audrey Tan-Zubiri will not be complete without her two adorable kids who like screaming, “Mama, carry me…” and “Mama, takbo tayo…”

It’s a good thing, “I’m still quite young. I still have the energy to run after them, to carry them,” she tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the parenting session of Johnson’s Baby New Gen Care for the New Gen Mom.

And it’s a good thing that the routine doesn’t require her to spend time exercising or dieting.

Smiling, she quips, “Nakakapayat yun, ha. When you have kids who are very active, it’s like working out.

“My daughter is 35 pounds. Akyat baba ng hagdanan…

“And then makikita nung anak kong isa, magseselos, ‘Mama, mama.’

“So lahat na lang sila, dadalhin mo o take turns, ‘O, sige, ikaw muna…’

“Kung hindi pa pumayat nun…”

Motherhood, she says, helps her stay in shape.


The former model-host relates, “When they were both [babies], I breastfed them for a year, so you can’t—learn from me, ha—you can’t diet when you’re doing that coz you need all the nutrients both for your baby and for yourself.

“But still, I was able to lose the weight since we [she and husband Migz Zubiri] just divide taking care of the kids, and well, nursing the kids…”

BEING A YOUNGER MOM. In a way, she feels grateful about having to fulfill her motherly duties at a younger age.

She was 25 when she gave birth to Maria Adriana.

“There’s the physical energy. You still have all the energy to get into things…

“I do everything—from the carrying to becoming more patient, becoming suddenly very maalaga, and being on the lookout talaga always for your child’s best interest.”

And speaking of energy, she makes sure she has lots of it.


“I find that it’s very easy for me to play along with them. If they want to play kahit na whatever time of the night, wala pa yung mga aches and pains.

“Physically speaking now, wala pa yung mga aches and pains so it’s very easy for me to just carry them, put them on my shoulders.

“If they want to go swimming, okay, lahat kayang-kayang natin sakyan.”

But don’t get her wrong… This is not to say the younger moms are better than those who are already in their 30s or 40s.

“The older mom naman,” she says, “also has a lot of advantages beginning with the wisdom, the maturity.”

Audrey further explains, “Siyempre, pag batang mga moms, kalat-kalat pa yung isip pag minsan.

“But if you’re older, with other experience that you had, you feel emotionally ready, emotionally mature, capable of handling all the changes that come with having a child.


“So I think both sides of the spectrum have their advantages.”


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