How Sam YG works out to achieve his sexy body

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When asked how he prepares for that beach-ready body, Sam jokingly says, “Naku, ginagaya ko yung style ni Papa Derek! Sabi niya, 'wag ka daw mag- sit-ups, dalawang baso lang ng tubig sa umaga. E, ako, since wala naman akong Derek Ramsay body, tatlong baso ng tubig iniinom ko, hindi lang dalawa.”

Amidst his busy schedule, DJ Sam YG of Magic 89.9’s Boys’ Night Out still manages to work out and spend some summer loving under the sun.

In a quick interview with the radio charmer at the Watsons NOW Foods event held at the Stock Market Café on Bonifacio High Street, Taguig on May 15, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) learned that his daily exercise routine includes a lot of running.

“In the morning, I start my day with a run, a 10k run, and then I go to work, I finish my emails, and I go to work again.”

“So, sometimes the pressure of everything I’m doing gets to me, so I need the extra boost for my immune system to be functioning very well kasi very prone ka sa sakit, e.

“If you’re always on the go, 'yong energy mo kailangan laging mataas."

When asked how he got his beach-ready body, Sam jokingly says, “Naku, ginagaya ko yung style ni Papa Derek [Ramsay]!”

“Sabi niya, 'wag ka daw mag-sit-ups, dalawang baso lang ng tubig sa umaga.

"E, ako, since wala naman akong Derek Ramsay body, tatlong baso ng tubig iniinom ko, hindi lang dalawa.

“No, but seriously, I train. I run four times a week, in the morning, at 6 a.m.”

“I swim also and I do my strength training, also four times a week at 360 Gym in Ortigas, under the supervision of coach Chappy Callanta.

"So, medyo intense ang aking ano… sexy body!”

SUMMER DESTINATIONS. Although Sam juggles most of his time working in Boys Night Out, Eat Bulaga as the hilarious Shivaker, and hosting events all over the Philippines, he still makes it a point to travel.


His favorite summer spot in the country?

“I’d say Palawan…Coron.”

His dream summer vacation?

“Siguro within the country, I’d go Batanes. I heard it’s really beautiful over there.

“Aside from that, ang dami eh… like I wanna go to Brazil, I wanna go to the Caribbean... like I really want to see the world.

“It’s one of my plans in the next few years, talagang go out there kasi we’re only young once, e, di ba?

"So, might as well go out there and see what the world has to offer.”

This summer, Sam was practically all over the place covering various events and unwinding.

“I was in San Francisco for a day, I was in Vegas for two days, I was in L.A. for another day.

"I was in Boracay four times for different events.

“So, medyo kalat, in short, kalat ako! 'Yan, but it was mostly for work.

"I attended a seminar on radio production and hosting in the States ‘cause I was there for a few days.”

ULTIMATE SUMMER EXPERIENCE. Every memorable summer should have an experience to top everything.

So what was the radio jock's ultimate summer experience?

“MOMOL! Ultimate summer experience is the ultimate summer Momol,” he quipped, referring to a dating-related phrase he coined on his radio show that means "Make Out Make Out Lang."

“It lasted more than five minutes, but walang malisya!”

Truthful answer appreciated, but how about a more wholesome response?

“Mas wholesome? My ultimate summer experience so far, I think, would be going to Vegas with my radio partners Tony Toni and Slick Rick of Boys’ Night Out.


“Kasi it was a quick trip, it was tiring, but it’s always a fantastic experience going out with them and getting out of the country with them kasi alam mong may masayang mangyayari!

“Hindi mauubusan ng mangyayari.

"Laging yung energy mataas, kahit yung over the smallest things.

“Oo, sa airport palang may landian nang magaganap diyan!

"Grabe, sa terminal pa lang! Naghahanap na ng bagong seatmate yan, ‘Hi, can I sit beside you?’"

Guess this second answer didn't turn out to be family-oriented, after all.





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