Rajo Laurel gives fashion tips for the coming rainy season

IMAGE Sany Chua

It’s the season for layering and Project Runway Philippines judge Rajo Laurel says it’s time to invest in classic coats and parkas.

The rainy season has just checked in and it’s time to bring out the fancy rain gear.

While the days are definitely going to get darker, it’s no reason to dress up in gloomy fashion, says designer to the stars Rajo Laurel.

In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine anniversary party last May 17 at the NBC Tent, The Fort Taguig, the Project Runway Philippines judge said,“Now that we’re entering the rainy season, get yourself a nice trench coat or a parka…and explore prints!”

Graphic lines and colorful ethnic prints are the hot designs in stores today.

But Rajo says you don't need to follow the trend if you don't feel comfortable with it.

“Anything's fine as long as it looks fun and it makes you feel good.”

LAYER UP. Layering is also the way to go now that the winds are starting to blow colder.

Pile on some sweaters or jackets on top of your usual cotton shirts for a comfortable, casual look.

To snazzy up your corporate and office wear, layer by using a blazer or a trench coat.

Also throw in some colorful scarves and hats for added accents.

But don’t splurge too much!

Rajo says that in a naturally warm and humid country as ours, you don’t really need to stock up on expensive winter clothes, “Unless you’re planning to travel to a cold country somewhere in the West or up north, then by all means go.


“But if para dito lang sa tropics, choose something that’s medyo light and versatile.”

You can never go wrong with the usual suspects such as black, white or gray.

Basic hues such as red, navy blue, dark brown, and tan are also good choices.

But if you want to be a bit trendier, Rajo suggests, “Buy some pastels!”

Coats and sweaters in light pink, pale yellow, mint green or melon look very dainty and girly, but remain functional at the same time to protect you from the biting cold.





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