Megan Young won’t give up her studies for showbiz

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Megan Young says that education is “the thing that you can give back to your parents, that’s something you can use later on in your life. No matter what, you have your education that can be your advantage.”

Megan Young is busy with her showbiz commitments, but she doesn’t want to set aside her studies.

For her, education is an assurance that no matter what happens with her showbiz career, she can still choose what to do with her life. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and some entertainment press were able to interview her during the Hiyas presscon held last May 22, at 9501 restaurant, ELJ building, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

Megan is currently a 3rd year college student in Saint Benilde, taking up a three-year film course.

Before she entered showbiz, Megan wanted to be a journalist. Now that she’s a celebrity, her field of interest has changed.

“I really wanted to write, I wanted to write scripts, write for magazines.

“But now that I’m in the industry, na-absorb ko na rin ang nangyayari and it became a passion for me.

“Kami ng mga friends ko we make videos lang, you know, our little stories and stuff like that. I thought, why not?

“Since I’m inside the industry, I have connections, and if the acting part doesn’t work for me in front of the camera, I can always do what I learned from school, [working] behind the camera.”

Megan is one of the celebrities who juggles work, studies, and fun. The only secret, she says, is using one’s time wisely.

“Ako kasi, time-management freak ako,” she reveals.

“Ang ginagawa ko, I figure out dates that I have work. So, for my next project I’m gonna be taping Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. So, ang ginawa ko ‘yong schedule ko sa school Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


“‘Yon nga lang, ang mahirap do’n, when other projects are coming in, I also have to give leeway to that. Sometimes I have classes either in the morning or at night.”

It’s tough to balance work and studies, and there are times when you just want to give up.

Yet this 22-year-old actress says she knows her priorities, and she won’t sacrifice her studies just to have a career blast.

“I make it a point na ‘yon talaga ang priority ko.

“May mga project talaga ako na hindi natatanggap kasi gano’n talaga, e, ‘yon talaga ang priority ko.

“So, I just have to sacrifice other stuff, kasi ‘pag natapos naman na ko ‘yon na ‘yon, e, puwede ko nang gawin lahat ng gusto ko.”

But one more thing that motivates Megan in pursuing her college degree is to prove people that she’s not just “another pretty face” in this industry.

“A, kasi minsan parang ano, e, stereotype na parang artista, they’re just celebrity, they just look pretty.

“But I want to show people na not all celebrities are like that, that there are celebrities that… yeah, this is our job, this is our passion, it’s a craft for us.

“But at the same time we are intellectual people, we’re people who are aware of what’s happening in our society, and I want to show people that I’m not just another pretty face, I’m also a concerned citizen.

“I also wanna show them that yeah, nag-a-artista ako, I earn money, but you know, I’ll show them that education is the most important thing out there, I want to be a role model to kids for that.


“Yeah, follow your heart, but finish your education because that’s the thing that you can give back to your parents, that’s something you can use later on in your life.

“No matter what, you have your education that can be your advantage.”





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