“Maintain” is Sam Pinto’s key word to staying sexy

IMAGE Mike Caliwara

Sam Pinto on joining showbiz in 2009: “Parang dumating na lang. ‘Gusto mong mag-PBB?’ I said, ‘Why not?’ And then nakapasok na ako… And then bigla, everything happened when I got out. Accept naman, not everybody’s offered this opportunity, sayang naman…”

What is it like to be in Sam Pinto’s shoes?

In one word, she describes it as “overwhelmed.”

The lady who initially wanted to become a fashion designer says, “Yun talaga ang dream ko,” never thought that she’d enter showbiz one day.

Prior to her stint in Pinoy Big Brother, she was studying Fashion Design at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde on Taft Avenue, Manila.

And she may be “very overwhelmed with whatever is happening to my life,” she tells Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph), “Hangga’t maari, wala naman dapat masyadong magbago. Maintain lang…”

So, despite her “sexiest woman” title, “super like I still see myself as super normal, like I still go wherever I want…”

Sam prefers being a “normal person” in her “normal life.”

When she’s not taping or shooting, no one’s stopping her from going to the mall or hanging out with friends.

“But when I’m in work mode, it’s very, very different, like, anybody knows me now. I can’t go where I want,” she says.

Does she have regrets?

Her reply: “I’m very happy with everything. Like I said, I’m super overwhelmed coz I never really dreamed of this whole showbiz thing.”

MAINTAIN. At present, she is one of the most in-demand leading ladies, and has worked with Bong Revilla, Cesar Montano, and Oyo Sotto.

Is it harder being in her shoes now?

“Of course, you have to maintain everything, from your skin, your body weight.


“Siyempre, kailangan naman, alangan naman leading lady ka… You have to maintain everything,” she answers.

Smiling, she reveals, “I gained 10 lbs. since last year.”

While most ladies are into losing weight, Sam wishes otherwise.

“Sobrang payat ko dati… Now, on TV, I look normal.”

She’s not into dieting, but believes in “eating right,” plus, “my main exercise is swimming talaga…”

And how does she care for her skin?

“You know, I’m the most tamad person to put anything on my body. It’s so sticky…”

In short, hers is a fuss-free beauty regimen.





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