Gwendoline Ruais: “No” to fads, “Yes” to customized diet

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Gwendoline Ruais may look strictly slim and fit, but did you know that this girl’s diet regimen is not too fancy as some might think? The 22-year-old beauty queen has relied on her instincts—and her favorite food items—to come up with her own healthy diet plan.

To maintain their already good-looking bodies, most celebrities tend to join the bandwagon of fancy fad diets.

But for 2011 Miss World first princess Gwendoline Ruais, achieving that perfect figure is more fun when it’s done your own way.

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on May 8 at the Miss World Philippines 2012 press conference held at Mario’s Restaurant in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, the 22-year-old beauty queen said, “I tried a few [fad diets] before.

“I tried a French diet, it’s called Dukan, and it’s more of [high] protein. I also tried the South Beach, which is low-carb and low-fat.

“But sa akin is, none of them really worked for me because it’s more of restriction.

“’Pag diet kasi talaga you restrict yourself, you don’t eat what you want, so di mo talaga na-e-enjoy.

“So, sa ‘kin is, what works for me is my own diet talaga, which is namimili po ako ng mga food na gusto ko, iyong mga favorites ko na healthy, at iyon ang kinakain ko.”


With the help of her mother, Malou Ramos-Ruais, who was an international model in her younger years, Gwendoline was able to create her own healthy eating plan.

“My mom and I came up with a few dishes that I really like and that are healthy and iyon iyong kinakain ko.

“So, hindi naman talagang iyong diet na bawal kang kumain ng ganito, you cannot eat this, you’re not allowed carbs…

“E, I love carbs so hindi naman puwede sa akin ang mga gano’ng restrictions. So, I customize my own diet talaga.

“As long as it’s healthy, as long as I eat in moderation, I don’t gain weight talaga.”

Simply put, the Filipina-French beauty practically eats anything, whether it's red meat or a high-carbohydrate meal…even dessert!

“I really love mostly desserts kasi I love baking. When I have time, iyon iyong gainagawa ko.

“I try mga different recipes, I try to make healthy versions, less fattening.


“Kasi iyong mga desserts, iyon iyong guilty pleasure ko kasi, so I try to make it as healthy as I can.”

Her favorite? Carrot cake.

“Kasi ang daming iba-ibang lasa [na pinaghahalu-halo] sa carrot cake na masarap.

“Iyong sweetness, iyong cinnamon, iyong nuts, iyong icing…everything is just so yummy!”





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