Celebrities play children’s game cops-robbers chase with a twist

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Newbie celebrity Petra Mahalimuyak (right) and media guy Eric Losloso (left) are now P1M richer after winning the Axe Anarchy Raid at the Eastwood Mall in Quezon City last Saturday, June 9.

Who would have thought that playing children’s game cops-robbers chase would still be fun for adults?

Popular deodorant brand Axe actually used this to introduce their newest product in an event called Axe Anarchy Raid at the Eastwood Mall in Quezon City last Saturday, June 9.

Game architects Gem Laforteza and Rafael Echanova just added a little adult fun in this usual chase game to fit their newest deo product for men and women.

For this game, 100 guys act as robbers and 100 gals play cops. Each cop has a number code and she has to find its match among the robbers.

Finding a match is not that easy because the ladies can only frisk and search the guys if they’re standing alternately on the red and blue Anarchy logo scattered around the playing field. Each color will only be activated for 30 minutes.

Once a cop finds her match, she and the robber must go to the verification area to validate their numbers since there are also decoys included among the robbers.

The game became more exciting as male and female celebrities joined the 200 participants.

The celebrity cops include Bangs Garcia, Bianca King, Ellen Adarna, Gwen Zamora, Iwa Moto, Kylie Padilla, Megan Young, Nadine Samonte, Niña Jose, Petra Mahalimuyak, Regine Angeles, Ryza Cenon, Sheena Halili and Vaness Del Moral.

Also in search for their match were Andi Manzano, Divine Lee, Jinri Park, Jacq Yu, Karel Marquez and Gwendoline Ruais.

Meanwhile, the celebrity robbers mobbed by a hundred girls were Rocco Nacino, Victor Basa, and radio jocks Sam Yg, Tony Toni and Slick Rick.

The event was hosted by TV hosts Ramon Bautista and Marc Nelson.

The riot ended after 30 minutes with YouTube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak and media person Eric Loslos named the winners. They each received P1M cash prize from Axe Philippines.


That's big money so the winners were asked what they would do with it during the press conference after the event.

Eric told the invited media and bloggers that he would hand it over to his wife, who actually watched him being frisked by a lot of ladies during the game.

Petra, on the other hand, said she would share it with her family and friends, and give a donation to the church.

She also mentioned, “Of course, ie-enjoy ko naman, di ba? Magsa-shopping din ako and maybe a trip to Europe kasi sobrang dream ko ‘yon!”

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