Alice Dixson shares her anti-aging discovery

IMAGE Nerisa Almo

Unless you start counting the years, you wouldn't think that Alice Dixson is already in her forties. What's her secret to staying young-looking? Well, over a year ago there's practically nothing. But since discovering an anti-aging cream that suits her penchant for "natural aging," she's now all for it and encourages other women to try it out.

If advertisements are to be believed, women are encouraged to begin their anti-aging routine before they even hit 30.

But not for Kapatid star and movie actress Alice Dixson.

In an interview held at Salon de Ning in The Peninsula Manila Hotel on June 5, where the anniversary party for Avon’s Anew Genics took place, the former “I Can Feel It!” girl told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “Honestly, I’m not a vain person so I can’t say na [women should] start at a young age.

“I think when a woman feels that she wants to feel better about her looks and that a product can help her then I would say go all out and try different products to see what can make her appearance better.

“Because most of the time, when we look good we feel good also.”

Now 42, Alice can still pass off as one in her 30s. That, despite joining the anti-aging bandwagon only less than a year ago.

“I just started kasi last year and I didn’t even know that the product that I was using was for rejuvenation.

“Kaya siguro when I got back from Vancouver [Canada], everybody was saying, ‘O, you look so good, you look so young.’

“E, wala naman akong ginagawang bago, so maybe that was one of the reasons why.”

It was winter in her hometown in Vancouver, Canada when Alice first came across her new favorite skin care product.”

“I was just looking for a product that would keep my skin nourished and not dry out, because the winters could be quite harsh where I live.

“So, I researched online and I found this product to be on the top of the list of reviews. So I said, ‘Sige nga, where can I get this product?’

“Eventually, I found a dealer and I started using it and immediately—it didn’t even take eight or four weeks—in two weeks I saw results.


“[My face] felt more supple, at the same time, a little bit of firming. It definitely worked for me.

“And the other thing I love about it is its very luxurious and creamy, and once you put it on, it just really gets absorbed by the skin and it retains.”

Alice admitted she is satisfied to have found a product that would allow her to stay youthful the natural way.

She's not one who would succumb to cosmetic surgery and go through drastic procedures to stay beautiful.

“I think it’s up to a woman to decide on what [she wants to do with her body]. Like I said, ‘Do what will make you feel good.’

“But I believe there is such a thing as doing too much. Kasi iyong iba, hindi na nakakaganda.

“I mean, if I let myself go, maybe I would have a lot of things done to my face.

“Pero mas gusto kong as natural as possible, so I prefer mga non-invasive procedures lang, like kung kayang i-facial peel na lang, iyong gano’n.

“But you know I’d rather just age naturally. I don’t want to dye my hair. I like it to be salt and pepper lang when I grow old.”





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