Daphne Oseña-Paez on styling your home: Aroma is very important

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Known for her taste in design and passion for beautifying the home, Daphne Oseña-Paez shares with PEPsters her idea of a stylish abode. "[Being stylish] shouldn’t stop with the way you dress. It really should extend to the way you dress up your home, and ang pagiging stylish sa bahay ay hindi lang sa pagbili ng furniture at accessories. Kailangan it’s an overall sensual experience, so ang aroma very important iyan sa bahay."

On June 8 at the Dimensione branch on Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, Daphne Oseña-Paez launched her first-ever home scents collection, in collaboration with fashion giant Bench.

“We know naman that Bench is in the forefront of creating celebrity scents, mga personal fragrances endorsed by celebrities.

“This is their first entry into the home market kaya ako iyong in-approach nila.”

Daphne is a known architecture and home design enthusiast.

She hosted a show called Urban Zone (formerly on ABS-CBN), which is primarily about interior design; and for the past two years, Daphne has been designing her own line of furniture and home accessories.

What made her agree to take on this offer from Ben Chan’s team?

“Ako kasi I believe that…you know how everybody wants to be well-dressed, everybody wants to be fashionable and stylish? It shouldn’t stop with the way you dress.

“It really should extend to the way you dress up your home, and ang pagiging stylish sa bahay ay hindi lang sa pagbili ng furniture at accessories.


“Kailangan it’s an overall sensual experience, so ang aroma very important iyan sa bahay.”

The Daphne Home Scents consists of three fragrances that are each perfect for every room in the home.

SCENTS FOR EVERY ROOM. Now, Daphne, who was there to personally supervise the production of the product—from picking out the scents to putting together the entire package, gives pointers on where to put specific scents to invigorate the home.

“Acres of Lavender, just as the name suggests, para siyang isang field na punung-puno ng lavender. It’s perfect for sleeping and relaxation, so it’s perfect for your bedroom.

“The homemade Lemon Tart, para siyang lemon na may cookie, so yummy iyong amoy niya. It’s perfect for the kitchen, for the bathroom or any place where you want to be stimulated and [feel] energetic.

“Mint Jasmine naman is mint siya, so alam naman natin ang scent ng mint, tapos hinaluan ng jasmine, which is floral. It’s very rejuvenating, so it’s perfect for your entry way, for your office or any part of the home in general.”


Asked which one is her favorite scent, Daphne says, “Well, I have three daughters—Sophia, Lily, and Stella—so that’s like asking me who’s my favorite daughter.

“So, I have one perfect for each room, but you know, the lemon tart is really a different scent. Iyan ang kakaiba talaga kasi parang lemon cookie so [it’s] very exciting.

“The lavender I have by my bedside and the mint jasmine I have in my closet.”

STAY-AT-HOME MOM. Speaking of her three daughters with husband Patrick Paez, Daphne—besides being a TV host, blogger, and entrepreneur—is also a hands-on mom and all-around homemaker.

How does she keep up with such a hectic schedule?

“I don’t really manage [my time]. That’s my answer. I just go day to day and I have very small goals every day.

“My priority is my children, so I go by their schedule and what they need.


“I don’t know if anybody will notice but hindi naman ako talaga masyadong lumalabas. I’m very active in my children’s school that’s why nagba-blog na nga lang ako, e.

“Iyon na lang ang ginagawa ko and my TV show right now, Cocktails (on Aksyon TV), which is once a week.

“I mean, I’ve already done the network experience. I’ve worked for networks for a decade.

“It even came to a point when I resigned from my show Proudly Filipina (formerly on QTV11), even though it was a great show, for my children.

“Actually, that’s my formula. It’s really knowing what’s important to you and sticking by it.”

And what advice can she give to other moms out there who want to be just as successful as she is?

“Of course, hindi naman siyempre lahat kayang mag-quit ng job at mag-focus sa children. Siyempre, as mothers, kailangan din natin mag-earn.


“But there are a lot of creative ways of earning now, especially with the Internet and the digital age.

“Know what you’re good at and hone your skills and perfect your craft and maybe you’ll shine at something.”


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