Rovilson Fernandez to do reverse run for WWF’s "Reverse the Bad" program

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“Listen to your children. They are actually smarter than you, they know a lot more about the environment, and life in general, than you do,” says Rovilson Fernandez about kids being strong advocates for a better world.

Getting used to the usual fun run and marathon? World Wildlife Fund-Philippines will add a little excitement in its Reverse Run on July 22 at the SM Mall of Asia.

In time for the launch “Reverse the Bad” student program, WWF-Philippines will host this running event to encourage everyone to confront the present environmental crisis by looking back and moving forward.

Based on its title, part of the Reverse Run will be a run in reverse, that is, participants will backpedal for the first 200 meters.

The run will also have different race categories, the 3k, 6k, and 12k courses.

Reverse Run is the initial activity of the year-long project “Reverse the Bad” of WWF. This youth-oriented program aims to educate participants and stir up their commitment to protecting the environment.

As members, students will have the opportunity to join WWF’s forum and activities, as well as discounts from partners through membership cards.

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT. WWF-Philippines ambassador Rovilson Fernandez, who will be joining the activity with fellow ambassador Marc Nelson, believes that young people can be strong advocates for environmental protection.

The sports enthusiast observed this during their educational tours for the organization.

Ambassador Rovilson, as well as his friend Marc Nelson, often visit schools to teach children about conserving and protecting nature.

“We really, really, enjoy doing the environmental educational program,” he told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after the press conference for the Reverse Run held recently.

“[We teach them] just the basics, the stuff that we were taught as kids.

“Marc and I, we were hooked ever since we learned about the environment as kids. You know, we were hooked and became the God-loving, earth-loving, tree-hugging people that we are.

“I think, Marc and I, the reason they got us is because we relate better to the youth. You know, it’s a big responsibility for us. But it’s something that we take a lot of pride in.”


Seeing the children absorb and apply the lessons about conservation gives Rovilson much satisfaction.

He related, “When I see them, when I see a kid who does not litter, see them interested in biology or in animals, for me that’s a satisfaction.

“For them to teach their parents to turn off the lights, conserve energy or anything like that, that for me is a greatest satisfaction.”

In the end, he left this reminder to the adults, “Listen to your children. They are actually smarter than you.

“They know a lot more about the environment, and life in general, than you do.

“So, it’s nice to have an open mind and listen to your children.”





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