Mystical goddesses come alive on Enchanted Garden

IMAGE Courtesy of TV5

Regine Tolentino’s sketches come to life as (L-R) Alice Dixson, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Rufa Mae Quinto pose as Diwani Alvera, Diwani Valerianna, and Diwani Quassia, respectively.

A fantasy series is never complete without characters in mystical costumes.

In TV5's upcoming "eco-fantasya" series, Enchanted Garden, the magical mood is set with the help of nature-inspired outfits.

Designed by actress-entrepreneur-fashion designer Regine Tolentino, the show's lead stars—Alice Dixson, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Rufa Mae Quinto—wear dresses that represent each of the goddess characters they portray.

DIWANI ALVERA. Actress Alice Dixson plays the role of Diwani Alvera, goddess of the sun.

She guards the realm of light—including air and all of the heavens.

For this sweet and endearing character, Regine used monochromatic organza, hand-dyed in green for a natural lush effect.

Then she hand-painted appliqués shaped like calla lilies, leptospermums, stephanotis, oncidium orchids, daisies and snapdragons—all in bright yellow and white tones.

As goddess of the sun, Alvera needs to look blooming and shiny at all times so beadwork, embroidery, and semi-precious stones were added for a magical effect.

DIWANI VALERIANNA. Statuesque Ruffa Gutierrez plays the role of Diwani Valerianna, goddess of water.

The darkest of the three Diwanis, Valerianna will come between Alveria and Menandro, a human played by Zoren Legaspi.

Her vicious and aggressive persona is embodied in the colors of lavender, violet, and magenta.

Regine produced a sexy asymmetrical number for Ruffa that features a frosted skin-tone body suit.

A monochromatic crocheted net was also used as a skirt with a thigh-high slit embellished with beadwork and hand-painted appliqués shaped like amaryllis, hyacinths, dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids, lisianthus, phalaenopsis, sprays, star gazer lilies, heathers, and gladiolus.

DIWANI QUASSIA. Comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto plays the role of Diwani Quassia, goddess of land.

She is the most cheerful and comical of the three guardians and also the most fascinated with the mortal world, which is why bright red and orange were chosen to represent her.


Her sexy, tropics-inspired ensemble is adorned with hand-painted exotic flowers such as the Casablanca lily, scabiosas, watsonias, red gingers, star gazer lilies, mini carnations, larkspurs, and iris.

OTHER CAST MEMBERS. Enchanted Garden hopes to touch hearts with the story of a love triangle between Menandro and Diwanis Alvera and Valerianna—all while imparting ecological awareness to the viewers.

Directed by Joel Lamangan, Joyce Bernal and Eric Quizon, Enchanted Garden also stars Alex Gonzaga, BB Gandanghari, Zoren Legaspi, Martin Escudero, Edgar Allan Guzman and Daniel Matsunaga.

The show is set to air its first episode on July 30, 6:30 p.m. on TV5.





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