GET THE LOOK: Sarah Lahbati's tribal/cowboy-inspired style

IMAGE Noel Orsal (Sarah)/ (clothes)

Sarah Lahbati's tribal/cowboy look is perfect for beating the rainy season with style. Get her look by sporting a blazer or tasseled vest over a tribal print top, ankle boots, and adding on some bead accessories.

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Still having trouble prepping up your style for the rainy season? Then bring out those boots and head out with a splash of style!

Take it from singer-actress Sarah Lahbati, who flashed a tribal/cowboy-inspired look at the Makapiling Kang Muli press conference held at GMA-7 on May 29 this year.

GET SARAH'S LOOK. To cop your own look, you need to choose a top with ethnic prints and patterns. The prints basically help establish the outfit’s theme.

As seen on Sarah, she used a printed button-down top as a cardigan over a plain tank top.

If you can't find anything similar for a cover-up, you can go more cowboy with the help of a tasseled suede vest and infuse the tribal vibe with a printed top.

Since it's the rainy season, you can opt for a two-tone blazer to go over the printed blouse and protect you from catching cold.


For the bottom garment, flatter the ensemble by putting on acid washed denim shorts with some rugged appeal.

You may also choose to wear faded skinny jeans for warmth.

ACCESSORIES. Also, it’s not only you that needs to stay warm and dry.

Keep your stuff safe in a weatherproof bag in warm tangerine.

This particular bag comes with nifty pouches to store your valuables, like gadgets and whatnot, which need double protection.

Accessorize with a simple bead necklace or with a brightly-colored beaded cuff to spice up your look.

Then, step into those nice pair of leather boots to complete the look.

If you don't own knee-high boots like Sarah's, you can go for the ankle-length ones, which look just as stylish.

And last, but definitely not the least, don’t forget to bring an umbrella. Pick a color that matches your outfit so you can still beat the rain in style.


Now, you're all set and ready for the nasty weather. Pick these tips to gear up for the cold season and you're sure to wish for a rainy day.

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