Jinri Park stays beautiful and sexy through strict lacto-vegetarianism

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Korean It girl Jinri Park shows off a slender body and creamy skin in her gravure photo book The Jinri Park Experience. In an interview with PEP, she reveals that she goes on a strict lacto-vegetarian diet.

Ever since posing for FHM Philippines Magazine in 2011, things have turned for the better for 24-year-old Korean model Jinri Park.

She was launched late last year as a radio jock for Monster Radio RX 93.1.

From midnight deejay, she now co-hosts the station's daily primetime show JinTomnia with DJ Tom Alvarez, plus a segment of the Hip26 Sunday block.

Also, from being an “FHM babe,” Jinri now writes a regular advice column for the publication.

And recently, she has teamed up with RAWR Books to launch the country’s first gravure book called The Jinri Park Experience.

WHAT IS GRAVURE? At the book launch, held July 29 at the Robinsons Galleria Mall in Ortigas, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Jinri what gravure—pronounced as grah-vyur—is all about.

“The gravure concept means to have an unknown model or sort of an unknown model—not a celebrity.

“She has to be East Asian-looking—meaning Korean, Japanese or Chinese—and [the styling] has to be all-natural, like it can’t be too made up.

“You can’t look like…you know what I mean? Like FHM. I like FHM, but gravure can’t be glamorous like that.

“It has to be teasing but, like, awkward poses, awkward lighting.”

This type of publication is reported to be famous among male readers in Japan.

Similar books feature female models wearing innocently sexy outfits, and posing in innocently seductive settings like getting out of bed or eating breakfast.

“I guess the concept worked for me because I’m not exactly a celebrity, so I fit that criteria.

“Also, I'm Korean, so definitely I’m East Asian-looking girl.

“And, you know, we just played around with lights, with just natural look, so that’s really how gravure is and how it came about,” Jinri added.

LACTO-VEGETARIANISM. Over 150 photos included in the book showcase Jinri’s enviable slender physique, which she says she is able to maintain through a strict lacto-vegetarian diet.


Lacto-vegetarianism, according to website livestrong.com, is a form of vegetarian diet wherein the person “abstains from eating meat, poultry and fish.”

They do not eat eggs or any food product that contains egg, such as baked goods and veggie burgers, because they see eggs as unborn animals.

But they do take dairy products like cheese and yogurt, which are usually made from a cow or goat’s milk.

It's been four years since Jinri became a lacto-vegetarian.

In a Twitter post on August 11, 2011, Jinri explained why: “I just don't like meat, nothing religious!”

BEAUTY BENEFITS. Besides preventing fat from building up in her body, Jinri says her skin also tends to benefit from her diet.

“I don’t really have a particular [skin regimen]. I only go to the derma once a week. I think that helps a lot.

“I guess what I eat also helps. I eat a lot of vegetables, and I don’t eat burgers or something oily. Not that much.”

For her daily skin care, she follows only the simple rules of cleansing and moisturizing.

“I just put moisturizer at night. I wash my face always before sleeping. You have to do that!

“Like, sometimes you get lazy and you sleep with makeup on, that’s going to make you breakout.

“And when I’m at home, I like to put my hair all to the back [of my head] so nothing goes to my face, nothing touches my face. I think that’s important, too…and touch your face less.”

Still according to livestrong.com, touching the face often can contribute to pimple breakouts and acne, because “your fingers can carry dirt, bacteria, and other substances that cause your pores to clog.”

Even objects like telephones, hats, and bandanas are considered “threats” to your skin, as they “trap sweat, dirt, and oils that may contribute to acne.”


If, unfortunately, Jinri gets some minor boo-boos on her skin, she says she would only use Korean brands of skin-care products.

“I think for my skin in particular, Korean products work really well.

“I think they're good for sensitive types of skin because they're not very strong. They're not that expensive, but they work.”

As a self-proclaimed "gravure idol," Jinri really takes care of her skin and body well, as they are her main selling points as a sex symbol.





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