Pole dance artists celebrate freedom of movement

IMAGE Monching Jaramillo

Model and professional dance artist Annie Aniel demonstrates her physical power and flexibility in her performance at the 2012 Jazz Le Pole show.

What does it mean to be free?

For image model and professional pole dance artist Annie Aniel, freedom means to have no limits and no boundaries in doing the things you’re passionate about.

It means being able to dance and move on the pole, while she wears the latest in denim jean technology.

“As a pole dance artist, I consider myself most free when I am able to express myself and my creativity through movement—specifically my pole dance performances.

“I’m glad that with Freego, every person can now enjoy their personal versions of freedom through fashion,” she says.

At the 2012 Jazz Le Pole show, held August 11 at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater in RCBC, Makati, Annie displayed how she enjoys that freedom onstage.

She joined several production numbers—together with fellow dancers from the Pole Academy Philippines (PAP)—including a showgirl-inspired routine.

She also had her own solo number, which had an Arabian belly dancer theme.

The show, which went on for more than an hour, featured other grand numbers—such as a dominatrix sequence, an Egyptian goddess number, a flamenco number, and a sexy teachers’ club routine.

Also featured in the program’s finale number was a mini fashion show featuring models sporting Freego’s reversible jeans.

The event was also PAP’s way of helping the WE International Philippines (WEIP), a non-government organization which received a portion of the program's ticket and merchandise sales.





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