Georgina Wilson’s solution to a woman’s “dark” problem

IMAGE Jocie Dimaculangan

Georgina Wilson describes Pinays as "so hygienic...and we love taking good care of ourselves!"

Why can’t some Pinay women wear short shorts or swimsuits?

Georgina Wilson knows why: “It’s because of a dark bikini line.”

Then the Filipina-British model announces: “There’s a way to feel really beautiful and confident!"

Which leads to her mentioning White Lactayd Intimate, the feminine wash she is currently endorsing. “It’s thicker, smells different, and has natural extracts,” says Georgina, who is called one of today's "It Girls" by fashion magazine Preview.

“DARK” PROBLEM. The "maitim na singit"is usually caused by hyperpigmentation, according to Dr. Carmela Luisa Pagunsan, medical director of Sanofi Aventis, which owns the Lactacyd White Intimate brand.

Pagunsan adds that the darkening happens “when you wear tight clothing, because there’s friction and sweating.”

To even out the skin tone, production of melanin has to be reduced.

SOLUTION? Pagunsan says they have a new product that underwent a 12-week market study on Asian women and a three-week clinical study on Pinays, who were asked to “use it twice a day, at 3 ml each time.”

The result: “Pumantay siya after four weeks, and that's because of Actipone-B and Algowhite,” says the dermatologist in a matter-of-fact tone.

Actipone-B, according to the brand's website, is a "marine based-whitening ingredient that lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, pigment known to darken the skin."

Likewise, "Algowhite exfoliates and protects the cells from inhibiting free radicals that can cause darkness in the bikini area."

Pagunsad adds, “But the whitening is just an added benefit. Do not forget that it is primarily a feminine wash.”

And the ultimate solution, says Georgina, for those who want "to always feel fresh and forget about being self-conscious each time you wear short shorts.”





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