Derek Ramsay gains newfound respect for sports reporters

IMAGE Courtesy of TV5/AKTV

During his stint as a Philippine correspondent to the 2012 London Olympics, Derek realized that being a reporter is not an easy job. He found out, he said, that "It’s a hard job, talagang tulakan, hintay, waiting for the right moment na kakausapin 'yong mga i-interview-hin mo."

Looks like actor/TV host Derek Ramsay just found himself a new interest during his short stint at the recently concluded Olympics 2012: sports reporting.

For the once-in-four-years, two-week event, Derek, as official Olympics correspondent for TV5, accompanied sports reporter Lia Cruz, to London, earlier this August.

In a recent interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the actor, who is also TV5's sports ambassador, excitedly related his experience.

“Sobrang sarap! Parang ayaw ko na nga maging artista, e, gusto ko na lang mag-report ng news.

“I went back to my hometown, London, pero puro trabaho.

“Akala ko magkakaroon ako ng oras para puntahan ang pamilya ko, pero it was all work.

“But masayang work kasi nakita ko ang mga pinakamagagaling na athlete sa buong mundo.”

The best part of this job, according to the former host of The Biggest Loser Philippine Edition, was interviewing popular athletes in the world.

“Na-interview ko si Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, James Harden…

“‘Yong crush ko na si Sue Bird, I was able to interview her and many more athletes.

“Siyempre, ‘yong mga athletes din natin ay na-interview ko.”

He added, “The highlight was, kahit anong sport ay pwede akong pumasok, panoorin, and get to talk to the athletes afterwards.

“Kasi, after they compete kailangan nilang dumaan sa isang mixed zone kung saan naghihintay ang lahat ng press.

“Nandoon ako nakikipag-box-out, lumalaban sa NBC, sa Fox…

“Masarap talaga ang feeling!”

NEWFOUND UNDERSTANDING OF REPORTERS. His short job in London as a Philippine correspondent made Derek realize the hard work that reporters perform.

“[I have] even more respect for guys na ganito ang ginagawa.

“It’s a hard job, talagang tulakan, hintay, waiting for the right moment na kakausapin 'yong mga i-interview-hin mo.

“A lot of commuting, one hour going to the stadium and one hour going back.


“Talagang wala akong night life doon.

“After one day of working, pagod na pagod, so tulog na lang.

“Pagdating sa [hotel room], nag-i-Skype ako para mag-report sa Pilipinas.”

GETTING CRITICISM. As a newbie reporter, Derek admittedly got negative feedback.

Netizens criticized him for his lack of "patriotism" because he was always seen wearing T-shirts with the names of other countries printed on them.

The actor has an explanation for this.

“If you saw all the interviews, every report that I did, I always wore a shirt that had another country on it," he reasoned, "but I wore the Philippine jacket.

“The Olympics is when the whole world is one.

“The sports brought the whole world as one in one occasion, so I’m feeling the Olympic spirit by wearing shirts from one country [at a time].”

Derek also argued, “It doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be a Filipino.

“I was very proud to be a Filipino. I was there to represent the Philippines.

“But with the Olympic spirit, I wore a different country [each time].

“The last day, ang sinuot ko ay shirt with Rio de Janeiro [printed on it] dahil ang next Olympics will be in Brazil.”

SPORTS REPORTING SOMEDAY? Despite this, Derek did not lose his interest in sports reporting.

Derek says he enjoyed it so much, he is considering getting into it again someday.

He said, “You know, I really enjoyed myself.

“It’s a lot of hard work. I still have a lot to learn.

“But it’s something that I’d like to try again.

“I really enjoyed what I did, and sana mabigyan pa ako ng opportunity na mag-report ng news, whether it’s sports or anything. I really enjoyed myself.”

What about his career as an athlete?

“Wala, tinapos ko na ‘yon,” the former frisbee player replied.


“Di ba, bago mag-Olympics, nag-compete ako sa Japan for the Frisbee World Cup?

“Maganda naman ang 'pinakita ng team namin doon, 7th in the whole world, so malaki ang accomplishment.

“We were ranked 15th so, we moved up eight spots.

“We’re proud of what we accomplished.”

Derek said it would be impossible for him to play again in the next Frisbee World Cup.

He ended, “The next one is in four years. Matanda na ako noon, hindi ko na kaya.

“Wala na, tama na, tapos na ako diyan. I’ll focus on something new.”





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