Cesca Litton on being sporty and adventurous: "Parang wala sa hitsura ko, aminado naman ako do’n."

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“‘Yon nga, e, parang wala sa hitsura ko, aminado naman ako do’n. No one really thinks that I’m sporty… But since I was a kid, I was very much into sports na,” Cesca Litton reveals the other side of her personality.

Looking at Cesca Litton on television, viewers may find her very kikay. But when she is away from the camera, the ABS-CBN entertainment reporter can be a totally different girl.

Aside from wearing chic clothes, fashionable accessories, and stylish shoes, Cesca is also interested in outdoor activities.

This was the reason she agreed with her best friend to go to Africa and volunteer in a private organization called Edge of Africa.

Cesca says that people always react in surprise whenever she tells them that she’s also into outdoors and extreme adventures.

In an interview two days before her departure last Thursday, Cesca told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that it has been her dream to visit Africa since she was a kid.

“Since napanood ko ang Lion King, gusto ko nang pumunta ng Africa.

“Kasi, I love watching National Geographic andAnimal Planet.

“Siyempre, ‘yong mga documentaries nila, that’s something na parang nakaimpluwensya rin sa akin.

“And I’ve always loved the outdoors, that was my dad’s influence naman. My dad is very outdoorsy.

“Then, in CSA I was vice president ng Girl Scouts so, sanay kaming mag-camping, hiking, and that sort of thing, which I still do today,” she said after getting a hair treatment from her shampoo endorsement Pantene Nature Care.

It did not take long before Cesca decided to say yes to this new adventure because "Ever since I was a child, dream ko na ang magpunta ng Africa, dream ko na ang mag-volunteer.

“Kulang na lang magpaka-Angelina [Jolie] ako at mag-uwi ako ng bata dito.


“Pero hindi ko naman siguro afford ‘yon.”

She also mentioned that as an animal lover, Africa would be a great place to see the wildlife.

Cesca related, “Siyempre, like the wildlife in Africa, it’s so different from the wildlife here.

“Dito kapag lumabas ka, may makikita kang kalabaw or goat.

“Over there, when you go out, talagang lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, hippos, as in lahat nandoon na.

“So, for an animal lover like me, ‘yon talaga ‘yong heaven.”

Edge of Africa is a private organization that offers programs exposing its volunteers to African culture and heritage while they are doing charity work for the neediest people in the continent.

EXTREME ADVANTURES. Aside from the outdoors, Cesca also has a heart for sports and extreme adventures.

“Parang wala sa hitsura ko, aminado naman ako do’n,” Cesca laughed.

“No one really thinks that I’m sporty. Parang they thought I just started reporting on basketball or whatever. But since I was a kid, I was very much into sports na.”

To prove this, the Cinema One news reporter enumerated to PEP some of the sports she tried when she was younger.

“I was a gymnast, I was a soccer varsity in CSA, I was a cheerleader, I tried swimming, I’m a certified scuba diver, I’ve gone skydiving.

“I’ve tried wall climbing but not really my type, but definitely mountain climbing.

“My dad taught me firing when I was eight years old. So, medyo mahilig din ako sa guns, but only within the firing range.”


When PEP asked what was her most extreme activity, Cesca replied, “Skydiving!”

The former SNN reporter tried this once in San Diego, U.S.A., and she wanted to do it again before going back to the Philippines.

Also part of her list were bunjee jumping and shark cage diving.

Does Cesca still get nervous when doing an extreme adventure?

“Kinakabahan but I think it’s part of it, parang overcoming your fears,” she said.

But among the activities she tried, “The most terrifying thing I’ve done is skydiving.”

She then recalled, “Kasi, ‘yon talagang naka-strap ka sa instructor, walang control sa situation.

“Kapag tumalon siya, wala ka nang choice. We were 14 thousand feet in the air.

“That was, ‘Wow!’ Alam mo ‘yong akala mo sisigaw ka the whole way down? Hindi, e.

“Hindi ka makasigaw, as in I tried.

“When we jumped, I opened my mouth to scream pero walang lumabas.

“Wala, for the first time in my life naging speechless ako.

“But after na-deploy ‘yong parachute, biglang sobrang ganda niya!

“Chill na lang siya until you land.”

NEXT ON THE LIST. Since Africa tops her bucket list, Cesca had a hard time thinking about her next possible adventure.

“Parang ito na ang number one sa list ko. What am I gonna do after?” she

Then, she said, “It’s a big world out there.

“I love to travel talaga. It’s just the question of time and finances. Medyo mahal ang goals ko, di ba?”

If she would have the time and the budget, Cesca said she’d probably go around Europe.


“Hopefully I can go back to Europe,” she told PEP.

“I’ve been to England, I’ve been to France.

“I would like to go to Italy and Spain, ‘yong talagang iikutin ko na siya.

“When I went to France, it was for work, I covered the Cannes Film Festival.

“But I got to extend for a week more, so, I got to go to Bordeaux and stay a few more days in Paris.

“Wala, mahilig lang talaga ako mag-ikot-ikot kung saan-saan.”

When PEP asked if it would be just plain travel, Cesca quickly replied, “Kailangan meron pa ring adventure. I always look for some sort of adventure.”





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