GET THE LOOK: Clara Magalona dresses her age

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Get Clara Magalona's perfect-for-age lace ensemble: Wear a cotton dress with lace detail and pair it with ballerina flats. Accessorize with a hair bow, pastel earrings, plastic earrings, charm bracelet, and a sling bag with lace patterns.

It’s kind of alarming these days to see more and more young girls dressing inappropriately, usually too mature for their age.

Perhaps it is the result of a misguided exposure to some provocative fashion content in media—including teen celebrities, who are supposed to be role models, shamelessly flaunting their daring outfits in public.

So, it’s nice and refreshing to see young Clara Magalona still embracing her childhood, all while being stylish and classy.

On May 10, 2012, the 11-year-old sister of Elmo Magalona picked up her first Junior Style award from Candy Magazine’s annual Style Awards.

She wore a cute, beige sleeveless dress with white lace overlay, embellished with clusters of black beads and sequins.

She had a necklace, a couple of rings and bracelets for accessories; and a pair of black leather Mary Janes that capped her look.

It was simple and plain, yes, but very much ideal for her age.

GET THE LOOK. The lace trend recently became in fashion again, so it's not very hard for little ladies to find a similar dress that would suit them.

However, a full lace dress may look a little too formal for casual afternoons at the mall, so go for a cotton dress with a few lace details in the chest and back areas.

A lace romper is also a nice alternative and may be used for more adrenaline-laden events, like a kiddie birthday party.

Pair the chosen garment with comfy flat sole shoes, like ballerina flats or a T-strap doll shoes.


Of course, never forget to jazz things up with fun accessories.

Hold your mane back with a nice hair bow for a girly touch.

Put on a pair of flower earrings, a pastel-colored necklace, or a charm bracelet that could serve as conversation piece when hanging out with your friends.

Finally, keep all your kikay stuff in a nifty lace envelope clutch with built-in sling strap.

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