DUTDUTAN XII: Twelve Years of Ink

This year's Dutdutan XII will once again bring together some of the country's best artists in the tattoo industry. In the words of the event's organizers written in a press release sent to the media: “They will come armed with their pens and needle machines. Their bodies covered with backpieces and bodysuits. They will wave their flags to signal alliance and preparedness, stating their intentions in distinct colors and compelling images.”

Each year, artists participating in the annual Dutdutan tattoo expo are put to the test, challenging one another to maintain and even exceed already excellent standards.

Ink aficionados would battling long lines and massive crowds just to support the event and pledge their allegiance to the age-old art of tattooing.

Now on its 12th year, the mark of ink is deeply etched within Dutdutan XII's very core, and it comes armed and ready to defy all limits, and ready to showcase tattooing at its inspired best.

It is currently dubbed as the biggest and grandest tattoo expo not just in the Philippines, but also in Asia.

Dutdutan XII will stage the ultimate skin art show on September 28 and 29 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

BIGGER VENUE. Last year, Dutdutan hosted a crowd of 15,000 attendees, 90 tattoo booths, and 200 of the best inkers from all over the world.

This year, as presented by Tribal Gear Philippines, Dutdutan XII will house a staggering 130 tattoo booths and occupy three halls of the WTC.

The venue is made larger to accommodate the usual, plus unexpected, multitude of thousands.

INTERNATIONAL GUESTS. Once again, to gather under one roof, are the biggest guns in the local and international tattoo scenes—all of them ready to cater to your tattooing fantasies.

Participants from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, France, Japan, Guam, Hongkong, Borneo, and Indonesia are flying in to take part and battle it out in this extraordinary weekend.

The audience are in for a show as Sen Dog and Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, one of the most well-known groups in the West Coast rap and hip hop circle, bring the house down on Friday night.


Members of the worldwide Tribal clique from San Diego, California will be “popping” for the occasion.

Bobby Ruiz (founder of Tribal Gear), Big Tiny (notorious inker), and Alex Garcia (badass painter and inker) are also to celebrate twelve years of ink with its local counterpart.

SIDE ATTRACTIONS. A new addition to Dutdutan’s roster of impressive show-stoppers are Russian pole dancers—all hot and ready to display their professional pole tricks and give everyone that "vertical climax."

Also, making a grand comeback is Tribal Gear’s Pin-Up Babes Bikini Contest, presented by FHM.

This is among Dutdutan’s most anticipated and not-to-be-missed parts—at least for the male guests, that is.

The regulars would know why. And as for the curious mind, this would be the perfect time to let your wild imagination rest and witness the real thing!

Professional URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championship) fighters will turn on intensities higher with their fights; while Drum Duel is all set as participants prepare to roll for the coveted Drum King title.

Crossing boundaries in music are performances from top local bands including Wolfgang, Kamikazee, Franco, Valley of Chrome, General Luna, Urbandub, Imago, and a lot more.

That is sure to make this affair the ultimate tattoo party.

TATTOO COMPETITIONS. Dutdutan XII will kick off with the much-awaited tattoo competitions in 15 categories.

Winner of each category will receive P10,000 cash, gift packs, and trophy.

Dutdutan is not your usual sighting in the sunny metro. But we have only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as what this part of the world has to offer.


Get your tickets (P350 for 1-day pass, P600 for 2-day pass) now at any Tribal Gear boutique.

Gates open at 12 in the afternoon. Check out www.dutdutan.com.ph for details.





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