Daphne Oseña turns her blog into a “diary of life”

IMAGE Mike Caliwara

Given the "healthy real estate and design market" in the country, Daphne Oseña believes that Pinoys will find her defunct show Urban Zone very relevant. The Cocktales host added, "There’s no way I’m leaving this place. I love it here. So with all these design works, all these design magazines, lot of fun notes…"

Daphne Oseña certainly knows how to turn the tables around.

"I came here to become a preacher of television broadcast. I thought it was my only language,” she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the launch of VitaPops, a product she endorses.

The 42-year-old host also recounted how she felt after losing F, her brainchild.

“There was a time when I was too heartbroken when I lost it. I thought it was the end of my life and my career, but then, I had Urban Zone.”

Early this year, the weekly magazine program went off-air. This, she found “devastating.”

Months later, she re-launched UZ via a different platform: her blog.

She said, “I’m really on my own now... Good thing, my community online is so strong.”

DAPHNE.PH. To date, she maintains a website featuring “a lot of my business and my work."

To promote her jewelry line, she has a section called “Jewellery” on Daphne.ph.

She related a side story on Kris Aquino, who unwittingly helped her business.

“Lately, Vicki Belo ordered, commissioned me to make a necklace for Kris. She has been wearing it every single day, so you can just imagine the number of emails I’ve been getting from her fans, wanting the same necklace.

“But they are all one of a kind, all hand-made, so yun na masterpiece ko...

“I’m really grateful that she has done so much.”

Back to her website, it also has something about “Linen” and “Furniture.”


The mother of three adorable girls explained, “I have various products under the Daphne brand.

"I have Daphne home scent, which I launched with Bench. I have Daphne bed sheet available in Our Home.

"There’s the Daphne hand-made mahogany chairs, and something new pretty soon…”

Lastly, UZ “is not yet on air, but I have it on my website, where I show webisodes.”

And she’s working on “bringing it back in another form in another venue.”

She elaborated, “There has been so much support from my partners, advertisers, and viewers.

“It’s just really about waiting for the right time and the right place to show.

“Design and home, it was a booming market when I started Urban Zone. Nobody was doing it, and I was scared because of how the economy dropped in the U.S.

“But it survived, and now, when Urban Zone was doing well… and my major market was TFC [The Filipino Channel].

“But now, I’m really looking at the local market in the Philippines. We’re supposed to be the number 16 in economy, so there’s a lot of interest in here.”

That said, she still underlined that her website is “really just only a blog… it’s like my diary of my life.”





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