PEP EXCLUSIVE: Why Christian Bautista chooses to lead by example

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“There are days na parang, ‘Wow! What if I just forget everything and go to the dark side?’” While balladeer Christian Bautista is known to be a quintessentially good boy, he says that being “a rebel” does cross his mind. He always takes the opposite path anyway. The singer-actor is among this year’s recipients of ASEAN’s Ten Accomplished Youth Award (TAYO).

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A week prior to representing the country at the 7th ASEAN Youth Day Meeting in Thailand, Christian Bautista told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that, yes, he does make a conscious effort to be good.

“You have two choices,” states the singer-stage actor, also tagged as the “Asiansation” balladeer whose music has reached Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

“Either you don’t care, you can do anything you want...

“Or set an example for the people who will follow you—the next generation.”

Christian says he chooses the latter, because he was brought up to do so by his parents who serve as his role models.

He admits, nonetheless, that consistently doing the right thing is generally difficult: “It’s hard to be good than bad.”

The 30-year-old heartthrob singer who has made Asians fall in love with his hits “The Way You Look At Me,” “Everything You Do,” and “Completely,” was among those who received the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization Awards (TAYO) at the ASEAN youth summit held from September 17 to 19.

Christian who has always radiated his well-mannered, wholesome upbringing to the public says that receiving such an award is “overwhelming at this point in my career.”

He adds, “[It] makes me feel young and it makes feel like I did something good.”

BIG RESPONSIBILITY. While the entertainment circuit is notorious for bringing out the worst in people through intrigues and negative hearsays, Christian manages to maintain a clean, respectable image for the last ten years.

“This position na I’ve been looked [up] for, I feel like it’s a big responsibility. Like people are watching your every move, every action.”


Is he one to have a bad side, too? Christian smiles and answers, “Everyone has a bad side, including me.”

He tells that his being “a realist” is a characteristic that he means to change. Christian explains that to some extent, his being so causes him to lose faith.

“It’s hard for me to, like sometimes, to look at all the facts.

“Sometimes I worry. Sometimes I doubt. Rather than completely having faith in God na, so far, that’s what He’s been doing to my career.

“I lose and then He gives me something. I fail here and then He gives me something.

“Rather than ako yung…usually, I want ako yung nagko-control and ‘Anyone, just get out of my way!’

“But sometimes, God puts me back in place. Parang [He tells me,] ‘Hey, hold on! You’re going to be fine. I’m in charge here, too.’

“When I remember that... [I tell myself,] ‘Oh, yeah.’”

Finally asked if he ever thinks about breaking free and rebelling for once in his life, Christian admits that it does cross his mind.

There are days na parang, ‘Wow! What if I just forget everything and go to the dark side?”

“It has tempted me for a lot of times. Pero sayang, e. Sayang lahat ng in-establish mo, ginawa mo.”

He disclaims that his statements doesn’t necessarily make him “one hundred percent perfect.”

“I have my bad side,” He reiterates. “Pero as much as I can, I want this path… even if a few people appreciate it.”


He is motivated by the thought that those few people “can someday be leaders.”





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