Jessica Sanchez echoes local fast food chain’s pro-family mantra

IMAGE Noel Orsal

After astounding an international audience in reality singing show American Idol, concerts and endorsement offers just keep coming in for 17-year-old Jessica Sanchez. The Filipina-Mexican chanteuse recently joined the circle of celebrity endorsers for local clothesline Bench and well-loved Pinoy food chain Jollibee.

International singing sensation Jessica Sanchez is on a roll.

After holding a concert with the American Idol Season 11 finalists at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum last September 21, the Filipina-Mexican singer had to stay for a few days because of commitments she must attend to.

Jessica was officially announced the newest entry to the pool of Jollibee’s celebrity endorsers on Wednesday afternoon, September 26, at a press luncheon held in EDSA Shangri-La. She joins Filipino celebrities Aga Muhlach, Carmina Villaroel, Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson, and Enchong Dee. The event followed a day after Jessica was announced the latest endorser of local clothesline Bench.

“It feels amazing. I feel so welcome. You guys are so sweet, you make me really feel at home,” remarked the 17-year-old when asked how she felt about being Jollibee’s latest face.

She relayed how she enjoyed the photo shoot and how she personally enjoys the combination of the famous Chickenjoy and the Pinoy-style spaghetti of the fast food chain. The California-born-and-raised Jessica mentioned that she tasted the products in the branches abroad long before being asked to endorse.

Food, she told the press, is what she loves about the Philippines. But nothing beats the Filipino people, according to Jessica.

“The people here are so amazing. They’re so sweet and I feel at home. I feel like family with everybody that I meet.”

She added, “Pretty much everything about the Philippines is amazing. I can’t say one negative thing about the Philippines.”

FAMILY FIRST. During the 10-minute press conference, Jessica was asked about the best advice she was given in her life.


The young singer shared what her grandmother always tells her: “Family always comes first.”

In a separate interview with the press on September 26, at the Bench event, Jessica’s mother relayed how her daughter has always been family-oriented.

Editha, Jessica’s Filipina mother, told the press, “She’s close to my family than she is her with her Dad’s family.

“She’s growing up in more of a Filipino culture than a Mexican culture.”

Editha made those statements as a way to defend her daughter from detractors who have remarked about how Jessica is more American than Filipino.

Despite the criticism, Jessica remains unfazed to come back to the Philippines again to meet her relatives in Bataan and to perform before her Filipino supporters.

She mentioned how amazed she and the American Idol finalists were by the lively Filipino audience present during their concert.

“Over here, it was definitely more different from the States. It was like a bigger crowd…

“In the states … everybody was just settled down, sitting down, but in here everybody’s like ready to go…

“I loved it. All of us loved it!”

Of her Filipino fans she remarked, “They’re amazing! They’re amazing!

“That’s why I don’t mind coming back here anytime.”





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