Angel Locsin opens up about gaining weight and neglecting her body in the past

IMAGE Nimfa Chua

Angel Locsin has lost weight, as seen in this photo taken on September 24. The actress credits her weight loss to practicing the Paleo Diet and following Insanity Workout videos at home.

A very confident Angel Locsin faced the media at the launch of Avon's new Slip Into fragrance, held at the Marriot Hotel in Resorts World Manila on September 24.

The actress looked stunning in a lavender Martin Bautista wrap dress, which showed off her leaner, more voluptuous figure.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after the event, Angel revealed the secrets behind her weight loss.

PALEO DIET. Believe it or not, there was a time when the usually fit and athletic Angel Locsin turned delinquent, unintentionally, about her health and looks.

That was when she was doing two projects with John Lloyd Cruz, the TV series Imortal and the movie Unofficially Yours. She became so engrossed with work, she didn't notice that she was already gaining weight.

"Siguro kasi dahil athlete nga ako noon, sanay ako na payat ako. So, parang hindi ko na napapansin na 'You're gaining weight,' parang gano'n.

"Kasi happy ka lang, e, hindi ka naman gano'n ka-conscious... Kasi nga siguro bata ka pa, hindi ka pa nagma-mature saka hindi ka sanay talaga na nagge-gain ka ng weight," Angel explained.

"Tapos, parang lately na na-realize ko na, 'Yeah, parang may roles nga na parang mas better tingnan pag parang mas... siguro mas fit ka.'

"So sabi ko, 'Okay, ibalik natin sa ganito.'"

She used online resources to find the perfect weight loss system for her.

She tells PEP, "Habang nagre-research ako tungkol sa diet, ganyan-ganyan, parang napunta ako sa site na... iyong proper diet talaga, hindi lang iyong diet starvation.


"Iyong hindi lang para mas maging mahaba iyong buhay natin, iyong para mas maging healthy talaga. So, iyon iyong fina-follow ko ngayon."

What Angel is practicing is called the Caveman Power Diet or the Paleo or Paleolithic Diet.

In its official website, the Caveman Power Diet is said to "[increase] energy, the ability to burn fat, and gets you in touch with your natural instincts. It's not just a way to lose weight, it's a healthy approach to making your body indestructable."

The general idea of this diet is to get rid of anything artificial from your system.

Basically, if a certain type of food is not something that was available to the paleolithic cavemen during their time (hence the name of the diet), you are not allowed to eat it.

Angel said it was her friend, actress Iza Calzado, who first introduced the Caveman Power Diet to her. Iza is also a religious follower of this diet.

"Siguro 75 percent ako na loyal dito sa diet na 'to, na hindi ako kumakain ng anything artificial," says Angel.

"Pero minsan nagchi-cheat ako, kasi ang hirap talagang i-avoid, e, lalo na kapag may mga events na ganito kasi iyan na iyong naka-serve na food.

"Pero tina-try ko talagang sundin itong diet na ito," she added.

INSANITY WORKOUT. Prior to following the diet, Angel had been actively exercising and working out at home.

"May ginagawa akong Insanity [Workout] video, so hindi ko na kailangang mag-rent ng gym or gumising nang maaga para mag-ayos, mag-mix and match ng kung anong bagay na magandang isuot sa gym, kasi baka may magpa-picture.


"So at least ito, nasa bahay ka lang na parang any time, i-play mo lang iyon, 40 minutes, tapos gagawin mong workout. Pero insane talaga siya," says Angel.

This series of workout videos is comprised of a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, plyometric cardio, circuit training, balance practices, and fit tests.

An entire program of Insanity takes 60 days to complete, and promises guaranteed results.





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