Men reveal what they find most attractive and sexy in women

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(L-R) Jeffrey Santos, Doug Kramer, Andy Bengzon, and Callum David all agree that women with soft, fair, glowing and healthy-looking skin are the sexiest and most attractive

When does a woman become sexy and attractive in the eyes of men?

For actor Jeffrey Santos, basketball player Doug Kramer, corporate communications manager Andy Bengzon, and model/DJ Callum David, it is when she has soft, fair, glowing and healthy-looking skin.

JEFFREY SANTOS. Beneath his tough image as a TV and film villain, Jeffrey Santos is a romantic kind of guy deep inside.

After 14 years of marriage with his wife Ynah, Jeffrey still looks at her, and feels the same way towards her, as he did when they first met.

“I love that my wife always looks and smells fresh because of her soft, fair, and healthy skin.

“When we wake up in the morning and before she goes to the office, it’s always hard for me to let her go.

“I want to keep holding, hugging, and kissing her. It’s a never-ending love affair for me,” he says.

DOUG KRAMER. The same thing goes for Barako Bull Energy player Doug Kramer, who isn’t afraid to show his soft side when it comes to his wife, actress-host Cheska Garcia.

“I’m a very malambing guy. I like touching and kissing my wife when I get the chance.

“And it doesn’t help that Cheska has flawless and irresistibly soft and touchable skin,” he reveals.

Cheska is currently pregnant with their third child, and she is every bit as beautiful and radiant as when she was starting out in showbiz.

Doug agrees, of course.

“I find her freckles cute. I like her rosy cheeks. And most importantly, I love her soft and very white skin.”


ANDY BENGZON. Married for 14 years to Preview Magazine’s beauty editor-at-large Agoo Bengzon, Andy Bengzon is definitely no stranger to having a beautiful and influential woman by his side.

What kept him attracted to his wife all these years is her fresh-looking skin.

“For me, sexy skin is skin that is glowing, soft, and fair.

“A woman’s skin speaks volumes about how she takes care of herself, which also suggests how she takes care of others and the things that are important to her,” he says.

CALLUM DAVID. Meanwhile, Australian model Callum David, also known as DJ Vinimal, knows the importance of being attractive. He's considered one of the hottest heartthrobs in town.

According to Callum, it is the quality of a woman’s skin that makes her “complete.”

“It is important for women to have soft, glowing, and sexy skin if they want to feel good about themselves.

"When you look good, you feel good,” he says.

He adds that a woman’s skin can make her stand out wherever she may be.

“A woman who is comfortable in her own skin can get everyone's attention. That confidence radiates.”

SKIN THAT MEN WANT. With their partners as models for great skin, Jeffrey, Doug, Andy—and even Callum—agree that a simple way to achieve it is by having highly effective products as part of one's beauty regimen.

Avon's new and improved Skin So Soft bath and body products prove to have positive results on Ynah Santos, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, and Agoo Bengzon.


The Soft & White line is filled with marula oil and an element called Advanced Brightening Complex, which makes skin softer and whiter.

It works well for hardcore beauty enthusiasts like Agoo, who is always on the lookout for that simple yet effective skin regimen.

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This no-fuss routine is best for hardworking women like Ynah Santos, who is always busy at work and at home.

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