Angel Jacob on motherhood and staying young

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Angel Jacob on staying young, "It’s a frame of mind, it’s a state of mind that when you think about… you know, it’s enjoying life. I’m proud of my age, really. I can't wait to turn 42. I turn 42 in a couple of months."

Angel Jacob is one of the women we can consider as having a timeless face.

We got to interview her at the launch of Brittany’s Alpine and Hudson properties at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel last September 28.

She is currently busy with a four-year hosting job on ANC, an upcoming teleserye and an indie film.

We were curious about how she achieves ageless beauty. Does she use any anti-aging product?

Angel replied, “Yes I do. My eye cream is anti-aging, my powder is anti-aging. I still drink milk, which I think is also anti-aging.

“I drink goat’s milk, which they say is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. So it really helps that you take care of yourself, your skin, your body, your mind, and your soul inside and out.”

What are her tips for women who would like to “slow down” aging?

“You can prevent and you can treat. As to aging, I think…we’ll all age, we’ll all add in numbers as we get older.

“And it’s a frame of mind, it’s a state of mind that when you think about… you know, it’s enjoying life. I’m proud of my age, really. I can't wait to turn 42. I turn 42 in a couple of months.

“And as you get older, you get wiser. So, there’s no fear in getting older and getting wiser and getting experience from all the situations in life that make you the person you are today.

“So, embrace your age, embrace the youth that you have. Don’t try to fight it. You know, deal with it, you will grow old gracefully,” were her words of wisdom.


When it comes to using different beauty products, Angel says, to each her own.

“Sometimes, you know, we always look at other people and say, I wanna use that product because it works for her.

“It may not work for you. But again, experiment. You’ll never know if it works for you as well,” she said.

You won’t see it in her face but Angel already has an 18-year-old daughter. Doesn’t she find motherhood stressful?

“No, it’s not. You don’t sweat the small stuff. I mean, she’s already 18, so she’s in second year college and she has her own little world, which I respect.

“And, I’m there, as a mom. You’ll always be there not to be too strict, not also to be too lenient but to balance both.

“And, as to the stress? I don’t really wanna think about it.

“I just wanna enjoy my time with her and sure, there are serious situations that I find myself in as a mom and I try to handle them the best way I can.”

Is she planning to have another baby?

“My plan is to keep working. I have a dog. I have an eight-year-old French bulldog, so that’s also a kid to take care of,” she smiled.

We asked her to describe her beauty regimen.

“Well, I really keep it simple, I use Dove for my hair. My skin? Also very simple, I cleanse, I tone, I moisturize. I make sure to put my eye cream on and my sunblock.


“I do wear a lot of makeup so in the car pa lang I take my makeup off na. So my skin can breathe. On days that I don’t have work, I don’t wear makeup, I exercise,” said Angel.

What about her workout regimen?

“I went back to yoga and then I do Spin class once in a while. Squash, also, once in a while.”

Is she conscious when it comes to her diet?

“I try to keep a very simple and healthy lifestyle. I eat anything and everything but of course, in moderation.”

Her tip for a stress-free life?

“And part of, I guess, not growing old is just enjoying life and you know, smiling and laughing at the things that would rather make you feel bad maybe, or the things that might get you down, there may be a positive side to it, so it doesn’t give you wrinkles.”





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