Why Tim Yap is dubbed "the light of the party"

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Tim Yap's latest endorsement is Belo Nutraceuticals, a "detox pill" that has Glutathione and Collagen. He says, "I take two in the morning and another two at night."

His arrival at an event doesn’t need any introduction. His resounding “Hi!” will do.

And in his usually colorful outfits, it’s really hard to miss a Tim Yap.

During the launch of his new endorsement, Belo Nutraceuticals, we asked the bubbly Tim, “Do you ever get sad?”

The host/ columnist/ entrepreneur/ eventologist answered, “Yes, I do.”

But being happy, he said, is a matter of choice. It would momentarily halt a person, but it shouldn't stop his world.

Tim continued, “Whenever I do… I get sad, I process it. I will choose to be happy.

“I will indulge in my sadness because I’m only human.

“And then after that, I tell myself, ‘I wanna be happy,’ and then I become happy.

“I can control my emotions.”

For all his achievements, the Kapuso talent is very approachable and, so, knows a lot of people from different walks of life.

But he doesn’t have a best friend.

“Alam mo, friends come and go… To be honest, I don’t want to put that pressure and say ‘best friend.'

“Kasi parang pag sinabi mong best friend, parang ang dami mong hinihingi rin sa taong yun. Marami kang inaasahan…

“I don’t wanna put that pressure because, you know, people come and go, di ba.

“I just wanna be there when they need me.

“When they don’t need me, I’m there.

“I just wanna be a true friend,” he explained.

At present, he is part of the group that established Republiq, Manor Super Club, Opus, Aracama, Robot, Draft Gastropub, Imperial, Mansion Club in Angeles, and The Tides in Boracay.


Did you know that when he started venturing into business, his capital was worth only six digits?

He told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment portal), “It can be as low as 100,000. It starts from there.

“And then, you pool it together with other people.

“Then, of course, your equity in the business is not just cash. It’s your effort, it’s your energy, it’s your time— and you put it all together.

But, according to him, he can’t claim he’s rich. Not yet.

“Parang wala nga… When I first invested, parang part of the business was reinvested. Part of it was… every time it would earn, instead of me getting my dividends, nire-reinvest ko sa negosyo.

“So it wasn’t realty tiba-tiba. It was always, whatever I would earn, I would reinvest to make it grow more.”

His newest 'baby' Imperial, where the intimate press launch was held on October 16, boasts an Ice Bar that can accommodate 20 people who want to party with a temperature of “negative 5 degrees.”

It's a first in the Philippines.

Tim added, “I’m working on new concepts all the time…”

It may seem like he’s always partying, “but a lot of time is used up by my media work,” he said.

“Now I’m gonna start a new show in GMA, aside from the current one that I’m doing with them.

“And then Philippine Star Supreme.”

Does he sleep at all?

He replied, “Last night, I slept at 2 a.m., I woke up at 7 a.m. Normal, five [hours].


“I usually get normal hours of sleep.

“Sometimes when it’s kulang, I fall asleep… That’s why I don’t complain about the traffic because I get to take naps in the car, so that’s what I [do] para makahabol sa tulog.”

How does he spend his “me” time?

“Travel and sleep. When I find a few days that I can escape, I would go somewhere within the region.

“Or just me finding time to be able to sleep is very precious.”

And does love figure in his busy life?

“Wala. Wala talaga. Hindi kasi, minsan… As much as I want to, I don’t feel I might… Baka hindi ko siya maasikaso nang mabuti. My lovelife is what I do.”

Lastly, we asked how he manages to memorize the names of most people he meets.

During the interview, he surprised this writer by reciting her full name including middle initial.

His secret: Yearbook!

Tim related, “When I was a kid, I grew up in a family of seven. I’m the 7th of seven siblings, actually eight, one passed away.

“So when I was growing up, I was always left home alone. All my siblings were in school…

“So, reading a kiddie encyclopedia, wala akong mabasa. So I read their yearbooks.

“When somebody would come in, I would go [mention his/her name]…

“Memorize ko kasi I was really reading yearbooks all the time, so I guess, my memory was trained when I was a kid seeing pictures of people and their names.”


But he clarified, “Sometimes I forget. And when I do, ‘Please tell me again [your name]…’ and I promise not to forget.

“I do promise not to forget.”

And with that, people do not easily forget him either. After all, as his Belo billboard puts it, he’s the “light of the party."





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