Dawn Zulueta explains why she likes shopping for expensive clothes

IMAGE Noel Orsal

On Dawn Zulueta: Two-year-old Valentino dress, five-year-old Jimmy Choo sandals, and a Chanel clutch.

When you think of women with timeless beauty, Dawn Zulueta never fails to cross the mind.

The Walang Hanggan actress, who’s now in her mid-40s, still looks radiant and elegant as if time hadn’t passed.

In a recent interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Dawn said that aside from regular beauty treatments, what keeps her looking young is her penchant for classic clothing.

At the 30th anniversary party of Facial Care Center, held October 1 at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati, Dawn said, “Me, I just stick to what is comfortable.

“For me, [my rule] is always [to choose] what’s comfortable for you to wear and you will always look elegant.

“I’m not so much into the trends, like, what is in and out.

“I just pick some of the things that I think I like, na bagay sa akin, and I mix and match it with my old stuff.”

Dawn admitted that when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories, she favors mostly the high-end and expensive brands.

She says, “You know, that’s another thing about me. I don’t buy so many things.

“I only like to invest in really good pieces and they may be really expensive, but you know they’ll last.”

She further noted that the beaded Valentino dress she wore to the party was already two years old.

And her shoes—a pair of gold Jimmy Choo high-heeled sandals—were five years old.

Dawn says she likes to take really takes good care of belongings.


“And I really watch for quality talaga and [I know] it will last.

“And, you know, I guess you also choose the style, e.

“It’s classic so you can use it for a long time.”

Dawn added that she has a fondness for wearing simple clothes.

Among her favorite cuts in dresses are the A-line and shift. These two never really go out of style, so it's easier for her to maintain her wardrobe.

“And I also like iyong mga cinched on the waist and flowing… it depends din,” she says.

When it comes to acquiring her goodies, Dawn prefers to shop abroad.

“When I’n in Europe, I buy na the brands that are made there—Christian Dior, YSL [Yves Saint Laurent]…

“Kasi you really get it cheaper there, e, as compared to if you buy it elsewhere.

“Like, even here in Singapore, for example, it’s kinda pricey pa rin.

“And if you buy it in Europe, you even get the VAT refund, hindi ba? So, it’s cheaper.

“But you’re getting already something that’s in season, hindi ba?

“[And it] probably would might not even end up in the Asian market, because they do!

“Not all the collections for the particular season is being brought also to Asia, so that’s why I also like shopping there.”

Aside from Europe, Dawn also likes to go around shop-hopping in New York.

“New york is also a nice place to shop because they also have all the brands there, and most of the European brands are also in New York.


“And you can more or less sample what’s in season sa New York because it’s also a fashion capital.

“So, I find also some stuff there that I would be able to find, say, in Paris, I’d find it in New York.”





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