Lorna Tolentino’s penchant for sheath

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Lorna Tolentino proudly flaunts her “hot grandma” bod in a printed indigo sheath dress from Zara paired with patent leather flats.

After several years spent working in showbiz, Lorna Tolentino has definitely learned how to style herself.

But when it comes to TV appearances, the award-winning actress still prefers to let professional fashion stylists to do it all for her.

"Yes, kapag sa mga TV shows, I ano [leave it] sa stylist," she tells PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent interview during her contract signing with GMA-7.

"Pero kapag ano, kunwari mga ganito [press conference] or ordinary days lang, ako na. Kaya ko na," she says with a humble smile.

Lorna doesn't think of herself as a fashionista, but she knows her body too well.

She has learned, over time, to identify the cuts and styles of clothes that would suit her figure and age.

Her preference: "Simple lang. I always like simple cuts and simple lines all the time.”

She claims to be a fan of sheath dresses—dresses that follow the shape of the body and are usually cinched on the waist—much like the printed indigo dress she wore during the interview.

Sheath dresses have a classy, ladylike appeal—perfect for middle-aged women and young professionals, who like to look stylish even in a corporate setting.

They are very simple and easy to dress up with accessories.

They go well with almost any kind of footwear—ballet flats, stiletto pumps, wedge sandals... even ankle boots!—depending on the fabric’s color or pattern.

For Lorna, she gets her fix of colorful sheath dresses from foreign brands like Mango and Zara.

"Iyon iyong pang-everyday [work wear], and I get din some custom outfits from the brother of Maricel Soriano," referring to character actor Mel Martinez, who is now a fashion designer.

"And for special occasions—mga gowns, ganyan—I always go to Paul Cabral," she adds.





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