Regine Velasquez's 26 years of hair transformations

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She used to go by her nickname Chona Velasquez.

But after heeding the advice of her producer, Ronnie Henares, to change her screen name to Regine— a variation of her birth name Regina— things began to turn for the better; and as they say in cliché, "The rest was history."

It was 1987 when Regine Velasquez, then a naive 17-year-old, was starting to get a taste of what the mainstream music industry was like.

She came out with her first album Regine (1987), with the ballad "Kung Maibabablik Ko Lang" as its carrier single, and then followed by a pop dance track called "Urong Sulong."

Both became big hits, especially among the teenage crowd.

She became a style inspiration to the young, many of them copied her shoulder-length mullet hairstyle.

Even as a newbie, Regine showed a commanding stage presence, both in her TV appearances and live gigs.

It won't be long until she proves she was ripe enough to stage a solo concert.

1988, everything was set for what was supposed to be her first major show, True Colors.

However, it got bumped off because The Jets, a famous international band, was playing in town.

The news didn't sit well with Regine, who apparently was turning 18 at the time. And as we all know, in the Philippines, a girl's 18th birthday is one of the biggest highlights of her life.

So, in protest, Regine decided to vent out her frustration by cutting her hair into a boyish pixie cut.

The rebellious act somehow made critics squirm at Regine for being reckless, going along with her teenage angst.


But for her followers, it was a sign of how capable she is of reinventing herself to keep up with the times.

It showed her realness and openness to show the world who she is inside.

Since then, Regine has experimented with different looks and hairstyles, marking each milestone of her life with a unique haircut.

From a very short pixie, Regine has tried other bob styles such as high-volume, slicked back, apple, and angled.

She would grow her hair from her jaw down to her waist, and style it in a variety of ways.

She would wear her hair from stick straight to wavy, curly to crimped, and would try fun colors from copper brown to blonde highlights.

Famously, on her wedding to Ogie Alcasid in 2010, Regine dressed as a modern bride in a Monique Lhuillier gown. It was in a sexy shade of red.

She didn't mind that some people raised eyebrows at how she wore her crimped black hair in a ponytail, and donned black leather Chanel biker boots underneath her organza frock.

But that's just Regine, and that was her moment.

By far, that was the last outing of her out-of-the-box hairstyling ideas. She has been sporting a "motherly" long hair since the birth of her son, Nate, in 2011.

But come 9:00 on November 16, fans ought to hold tight to their seats as she is bound to surpise everyone with yet another slew of quirky hairdos at her Silver anniversary concert...

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