Rhian Ramos has her “ugly” days, too: “I think it’s an emotional thing. It’s just you try to make yourself feel better.”

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Rhian Ramos dresses according to her mood. In this image, taken at the set of Sossy Problems, the actress-model is wearing a light pink, printed sleeveless top and a high-waist, acid-washed jeans. The look gave away that she was having a fine day.

Rhian Ramos found it funny when she was asked who her fashion icon is.

She has none, apparently. The Filipina-Welsh beauty kidded, “Ayun. Wala na! At diyan natatapos ang ating fashion talk!”

In choosing clothes, Rhian makes it a point that she is comfortable in them.

“Kasi malikot akong tao," she explains. “I have high energy. I have to be able to move around a lot."

She says she hates to be that girl at the party who has to adjust a tube top that keeps sliding down her chest every five seconds, or that girl who fails to have fun because her feet can no longer bear a pair of killer stilletos.

The charming and gangly 22-year-old reiterates her style, “So, kumportable lang siya.”

Her staple wear, she starts to enumerate: “Loose top, and then napansin ko, lagi akong naka-high-waist [pants].

"Kahit pag hindi kita, naka-high-waist ako. Kasi tummy-conscious ako!”

Rhian who has been modelling since she was a teenager, tells she does not go for a particular brand: “No. I just want something functional.

“At saka in my line of work kasi, I have to be realistic. How many times can I wear something?”

She tells that fashion has, to her advantage, “become disposable.”

“I try to do my best to find cheap things. Wear it, give it to a friend.”

Furtively, the Sossy Problems star says, “O kaya, kung talagang puwedeng suotin ulit na hindi halata, [I wear it!].”

ONLINE SHOPPER. Proving to be the pragmatic shopper, Rhian says she relies on online shopping especially when she needs clothes right away.


“Hassle-free kasi pag nasa taping ako, tapos biglang pinadalhan ako ng [outfit] requirement, tingin lang ako online!”

The actress, who is more of a shoe person than a bag person, tries her best to find items on sale: “Ugali ko lagi mag-check ng sale section!”

MOOD DICTATES STYLE. The fresh-faced Rhian is able to achieve a chic look without going for the latest fashion trends.

What dictates her style is her mood for a particular day.

“So, what I do is, dress for my body. Yung, one, comfortable; second, yung pang-personality ko.

"I dress according to my mood."

She points at the light pink, printed, top she was wearing. “Ito, ibig sabihin, happy ako. Kasi very simple, easy.

“‘Pagka bad mood ako sa umaga, mas formal ako. Parang mas ma-effort.

“I’m trying to put myself in a good mood by looking better so I feel better, parang ganun. Pero dark colors.”

She even mentions that she wears a skirt when in a dark mood!

“Pag hina-hassle ko yung sarili ko para lang gumanda, ibig sabihin, bad mood ako.”

UGLY DAYS. Interestingly, Rhian is not one to carry around a “kikay kit” or a bag that contains her makeup and personal stuff.

“This is my kikay kit!,” she tells, pulling a black hair scrunchy from her left wrist.

“As in I don’t bring one around. This is it! Or I have a makeup kit but it’s for my work! This is all I need!”

Later she reveals, “And then ano, pag it’s a ‘pangit’ day, I’ll put eyeliner. Para lang I can feel na kunwari, gising ako!”


Yes, the pretty-faced Rhian has those days, too.

“Yeah!,” she laughs. “Yung parang kahit anong makeup mo, feeling mo pa rin ang pangit mo.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with like how you actually look. I think it’s an emotional thing. It’s just you try to make yourself feel better.”

It is amusing how she deals with it.

“Kasi very transparent yung mata ako. Very transparent akong tao. So, feeling ko, the more makeup I put on, the more hindi mo ako mababasa.

“So pag bad mood ako, usually mas nagme-make up ako. Naka-kilay ako, naka-eyeliner ako, nagko-contour ako. Very transparent talaga akong tao!”





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