TOP LIST: Celebrity Transformations — The Weight Busters (Part 1)

Dec 12, 2012
(PHOTO GALLERY) Regine Velasquez and Raymond Gutierrez are just two of the many celebrities who bring inspiration—or should we say "thinspiration"— to those who are currently undergoing battles against fluctuating weight. Read on to find out how they managed to go from

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Body weight normally can go up or down. One's waistline can be curvaceous or not there at all— but if you’re a celebrity such things matter a lot.

You've got to always give your audience something new, something better to watch for, like looking good and keeping up your star image.

In this first part of the PEP's Top List 2012 featuring Celebrity Transformations, we look back at the most successful weight-loss stories in showbiz.

BILLY CRAWFORD. It takes a lot of discipline, hard work and effort to stay fit, which is why success stories are always impressive and inspiring.

First in our list is It’s Showtime host Billy Crawford, who became the target of negative comments since 2011 because of his bloating figure.

Since middle of last year, Billy has been trying to shed off pounds by dancing more often and getting into sports, like basketball.

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He joined the ASAP All-Stars basketball team that played at the Star Magic Games held at Colegio de San Agustin, Makati in September 2011.

But all that activity wasn’t enough for the “Trackin’” singer to achieve his goal.

So, beginning May 2012, when he flew to Europe to record a new international album, Billy took time to train with a professional triathlete to help him lose weight.

His daily schedule for the two months he stayed in France involved a lot of running, biking, and swimming.

Since then, he has lost at least 55 pounds and continues to shed inches by maintaining his workout regimen.

He recently joined a local triathlon competition and said in an interview with PEP that he feels great to be able to take control of his body.

ANGEL LOCSIN. The same goes for actress Angel Locsin, who has lost several inches off her waistline, thanks to a combination of hard workout and strict diet.

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In an interview with PEP last October, she revealed that she is doing the Insanity workout— a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, plyometric cardio, circuit training, balance practices, and fit tests— and the Paleo diet which basically prohibits the intake of any artificial food.

Looking back, Angel admitted to being lax, neglecting her body’s wellness.

"Siguro kasi dahil athlete nga ako noon, sanay ako na payat ako. So, parang hindi ko na napapansin na 'you're gaining weight,' parang gano'n,” she says.

It was around the time after she finished filming the Valentine movie Unofficially Yours that Angel felt the need to do something about her weight.

So, one day, she got up and found the courage to start dieting— the Paleo diet was introduced to her by Iza Calzado a while back— and working out.

Today, the Toda Max star is looking and feeling much better than she ever did. She has lost at least 15 pounds.

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RAYMOND GUTIERREZ. Like Angel Locsin, TV celebrity and Esquire Philippines magazine fashion editor Raymond Gutierrez also fell into the trap of laxity.

For the longest time, the HOT TV host disregarded the obvious fact that he was gaining so much weight at a very fast rate.

He said in an interview last January that he never really took notice of his weight until his closest friends, led by Georgina Wilson, came to intervene.

“We were all noticing it, but we never really knew how to tell him [that he was gaining weight] without the risk of offending him,” says Georgina.

Thankfully, celebrity doctor Vicki Belo took the initiative of offering Raymond to become a test subject of sorts for their newest brand under the Belo Medical Group called Sexy Solutions.

In only a few months’ time, between October 2011 to January 2012, Raymond successfully lost 30 to 40 pounds after a series of weight-loss treatments.

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His regimen included a high-fiber diet customized by nutritionist Nadine Tengco, a highly intense workout system designed by fitness expert Edward Mendez, and the use of non-surgical fat-burning technology.

Literally, Raymond went from drab to fab in just three months, and has even managed to pose for a billboard showcasing his sexier figure.

REGINE VELASQUEZ. Many of our top weight-loss success stories this year come from new mothers who won over their post-baby bulge.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez must have had the most stressful weight-loss journey among those in the list.

To begin with, getting pregnant and giving birth is already difficult and risky for any woman in her 40s.

Add to that the struggle of getting back into shape after delivering the baby.

During and after her pregnancy in 2011, Regine floated beyond the 200-pound mark.

To shed off some of that in time for her Valentine concert Mr. & Mrs. A with husband Ogie Alcasid, the power-belter turned to natural means of losing weight.

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She did daily yoga exercises, discarded carbohydrates and fatty food from her diet, drank lots of fresh fruit shakes and juices, and constantly breastfed her son Nate.

Later on, she tried a more structured system by following the Cohen diet— the same plan that made things work for actress Judy Ann Santos's post-pregnancy in 2011.

Successfully, Regine was able to cut down the pounds and inches with this method.

However, she got stuck at 165 pounds and a 37-inch waistline.

Although those were already impressive numbers, it was still unacceptable for the Songbird, who wanted to look her best for the staging of her much-delayed 25th anniversary concert Silver in November.

And so, she sought the help of Sexy Solutions’ Cristalle Henares, who introduced her to the Ultimate Sexy Solution (USS) plan.

For five weeks, Regine strictly practiced the system, which is quite similar to Raymond Gutierrez’s.

She also limited herself to an exclusive diet plan called the Anti-Plateau, which is only available to those who avail of the USS.

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Regine supplemented her body's nutritional needs with special power juices formulated by Nadine Tengco.

And just in time for her big show on November 16, Regine was already sexier at 145 pounds with a 29-inch waistline.

ANDI EIGENMANN. Another new mom on the list is young actress Andi Eigenmann, who gave birth to her daughter Ellie in November 2011.

Unlike Regine, Andi was expected to bounce back easily from her post-pregnancy weight simply because she is only 22 years old (21 when she gave birth).

As science tells us, younger people have quicker metabolism, therefore making it easier for them to burn fat and tone their bodies through natural means.

But as a single parent with a promising acting career hanging on the line, Andi did not want to take chances with just any method.

And so, the Kahit Puso’y Masugatan star went straight to Sexy Solutions to get her fix of non-surgical body sculpting procedures, a diet plan, and a fixed workout routine.

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In no time, Andi was back into wearing body-hugging dresses, like the gold strapless dress she wore in the weight-loss brand's ads.

She even sported a sexy cutout black dress at the Star Magic Ball last September, which revealed her slim arms and flat tummy.

In a promotional video for the brand, Andi said, “Sexy Solutions did not [only] help me or make me feel sexy after giving birth, they actually helped me shed off the weight faster than usual.

“[They] also helped me feel more comfortable about myself.”

PRISCILLA MEIRELLES. Also feeling a lot more confident now after giving birth is former beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles.

The lovely wife of A Beautiful Affair actor John Estrada gave birth to their daughter Sammanta Annechka only in February, but already she’s got her sexy back.

The Brazilian beauty made quite an entrance at the press conference for Contours slimming center last November, where she debuted her sexy new figure.

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From a staggering 230 pounds, Priscilla is now down to a slim 140 and counting.

She tells PEP, “You know, actually, honestly, when I got pregnant, my husband was the happiest man alive.

“He really wanted me to get pregnant for the longest time, even before we got married.

“And then during my pregnancy, kita niya na I was getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

“Not necessarily because I was eating a lot but because there was a lot of water [retention], as well.

“And then when I gave birth, the baby was just six pounds.”

Priscilla got a little help from the natural fat-burning effects of breastfeeding, which, according to website, helps mothers lose weight because the body uses excess calories to produce more breast milk.

However, it wasn't enough, especially since she could barely support her weight-loss goal with exercise after her Caesarean operation.

Plus the fact that her husband started calling her “butete” as a joke, Priscilla was more than determined to do whatever it takes to lose.

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And so, she tried a new non-invasive slimming treatment called Zerona.

Now Priscilla is much happier being a mom, and at the same time enjoying her sexier form.

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(PHOTO GALLERY) Regine Velasquez and Raymond Gutierrez are just two of the many celebrities who bring inspiration—or should we say "thinspiration"— to those who are currently undergoing battles against fluctuating weight. Read on to find out how they managed to go from
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