A tweet earns endorsement deal for Marvin Agustin

IMAGE Kaye Estoista-Koo

Marvin Agustin on his newest endorsement Carb Trim: "Hindi naman ako mag-e-endorse ng product na hindi ako naniniwala. Nagagalingan kasi ako sa kanya, gamit ko siya, at napi-feel ko yung benefits niya."

He has a chain of restaurants, he likes good food, and yet, Marvin Agustin doesn't have to deal with a weight problem.

His secret: some iced tea that he discovered last year.

The host-actor relates, "Nakita ko sa kitchen namin... Yung mom ko and dalawa kong sisters, sabi ko, 'Di naman mahilig ang family namin sa iced tea e so how come may wrapper, sachet ako nakita?"

He was told that the drink can "block" his intake of carbohydrates, so, he tried it.

And as all good stories go on the power of the social media, Marvin tweeted about his encounter with CarbTrim and ends up getting a call in the new year of 2012 from the brand people themselves.

"Tumawag sila to ask if I really tweeted about it, and I told them 'yes, and I'm really enjoying it.' Kasi, hindi na ako nahihirapan with my carb intake."

The next thing he knew, he got himself an endorsement deal, which was formally announced last December 12, at one of the 21 Sumo Sam restaurants he owns.

That day, he also mentioned, "Seeing how CarbTrim has helped manage my weight, I want other people to experience for themselves that it works," hence, the product will be part of the menu come January 2013.

By then, the Sumo Sam patrons can order as many carb-full dishes, like, the best-selling Happy Birthday noodles or the new dish Spicy Chicken Sesame Soba, and they won't have to worry about their weight if they drink a glass of his favorite iced tea.

MARVIN, THE RESTAURATEUR. In addition, more varieties of rolls will be added to the menu.

"From the beginning, especially yung mga rolls and makis namin, 'yan yung hinawakan ko," said Marvin of his dish creation involvement.

"I didn't do that much. I just presented it in a different way— yung mga fillings, nilabas ko.


"Kasi I realized yung palate natin ang unang nakakalasa ng pagkain so, why not bring out the fillings so you can taste it right away?"

With regard to his business, he plans opening another restaurant, Akira, next year.

"In Shangri-La, sa harap, doon kung sa'n nag-expand, we were given a space for a Japanese restaurant. And sabi namin, we wanted to offer a different brand, and doon, mas maraming teppan, it's gonna be a misono place."





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