Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Ogie Alcasid, and Regine Velasquez get ready for Foursome on Valentine's Day

IMAGE Noel Orsal

At the press conference of Foursome held at C3 Events Place in Greenhills on January 11, publicist Jun Lalin (not in photo) introduced the four performers as (L-R) Martin Nievera... and Pops Fernandez... and Ogie Alcasid... and Regine Velasquez! Jun remarked, "Ayan, para walang problema sa billing!"

Imagine what it would be like to witness bantering among Martin Nievera, Ogie Alcasid, Pops Fernandez and Regine Velasquez?

A whoop!

At the press conference of their upcoming Valentine concert Foursome, the country’s top performers gave more than a glimpse of what their fans can expect when they share the same stage.

The project’s original slant, according to the Concert King, was “fantastic four.”

But Pops, who’s co-producing the venture with Anna Puno, suggested something “naughty and funny,” hence, their poster showed the four of them in bed… seemingly naked.

The Concert Queen added, “Matagal na naming pinag-usapan ‘to… dun sa ilan naming mga tour, since magkakaibigan nga kami.

“‘Tapos since usually… kumbaga sa… nagsasama-sama naman yung tigda-dalawa, sabi namin, ‘Bakit hindi apat?’”

With that comes a wonderful problem: how’s the repertoire going to be?

Martin related, “We’ve been having a couple of meetings dahil sa dami-daming mga suggestions, sa dami-daming puwedeng gawin sa apat na tao, we’re having a hard time choosing songs. Should they be songs of today, hits namin? Ang daming puwedeng gawin…”

Ogie, with his deadpan humor, revealed two songs in their selection.

“Marami kaming numbers together,” he began. “’We are the world'… 'That’s what friends are for'…

“It’s a six-hour concert. And that’s just Martin’s medley.”

Laughter filled the hall.

The Songwriter resumed, “There’ll be a medley conceptualized by Martin, may tanong kaming lalaki, may sagot ang mga babae, greatest hits, songs that we used to sing, songs that we want to sing…”


THE “MAGIC.” One of the questions asked was how the former couple would translate romance into their numbers.

Is the attraction still there?

Martin was quick to say, “Oo naman ‘no…I’d speak for myself, I can’t speak for her. How can you not be attracted to the Pops Fernandez?”

When it was Pops’ turn to answer, “I’m trying not to look at him baka nga ma-develop.”

Martin reacted, “Ooohhh! You might throw up.”

His ex-wife laughed, before resuming with, “I think that is the best part, when it comes to Martin and I.

“Of course, the better part is kumbaga na-hurdle na namin lahat in the past. So now, we can be friends.

“Now, we definitely can work together. And yung pinakamaganda dun is, we really love and enjoy working together…

“Kasi, when we’re actually up on the stage, when we perform…”

Again, Martin cut in, “Magic! It’s always been magic with Pops. Despite the hurdles that we’ve been through, hindi natanggal yung magic.”

To this, Pops gushed, “Ohhhh!”

THE HIGHEST-PAID. When asked about the talent fee, Ogie said, “May TF ba?”

Martin joked, “Divided by four,” then he later on added, “The girls get more.”

Regine sort of agreed to this, “Siguro ako yung may pinakamalaking talent fee, aaminin ko.

“Ang talent fee ng asawa ko, siyempre, mapupunta sa akin.

“Si Pops, inaanak si Nate [son of Ogie and Regine]. Ninong din si Martin. Ako'ng may pinakamalaking talent fee sa kanila.”

In a serious tone, Ogie quipped, “You know, I’m just doing this for the Filipino people.”


His punch line had everyone in stitches.

The Kapuso comedian-host continued, “You know, I don’t really care about talent fees.”

Riding on with her kumpare’s wisecrack, Pops said, “Oo nga. In fairness kay Ogie, dinonate niya yung talent fee niya.”

Ogie laughed, “Patay tayo diyan!”

With their humor, candor, and talent, can you imagine what it's like to witness Foursome at the MOA Arena?

Martin described, “It’s an all-in-one show” that their fans would surely deem “Wow!”





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