Angel Locsin, Chynna Ortaleza, and Anne Curtis name their favorite scents

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(L-R) Angel Locsin, Chynna Ortaleza, and Anne Curtis each have their favorite scents. Their choices are unique, but they all agree that fragrance should help you feel good about yourself.

How important is wearing perfume?

For actresses Angel Locsin, Chynna Ortaleza, and Anne Curtis, it's more than just a daily habit.

ANGEL'S SEXY SECRET. Angel Locsin is known for her sexy, womanly flair.

She has been named Sexiest Woman by FHM Magazine numerous times, and is the envy of many women out there.

But despite her showbiz persona as a sexy actress, Angel is quite attracted to so-called manly activities.

To pass time, Angel likes to play sports and practice martial arts.

So, when times call for her to act girly— say, wearing a revealing gown for a red carpet event— she relies on the “transforming” power of her favorite perfume.

“Gusto ko talaga itong Avon Slip Into [perfume], kasi it makes me feel sensual, sophisticated, and elegant,” she tells PEP in a recent interview.

Angel, who happens to endorse the perfume brand, says she likes this particular scent for its romantic floral tones, which is very inviting.

She never takes perfume for granted. In fact, it's part of her daily beauty regimen.

"Iyong pang-amoy kasi natin, may impression iyan sa tao, e.

"Pag first time mong na-meet ang isang tao at nakuha mo iyong amoy niya, iyon na iyong maaalala mo every time maaamoy mo iyong gano'ng scent.

"So, importante na mabango ka palagi at iyong amoy mo na iyon ang magiging parang signature mo."

Whenever Angel puts on her favorite perfume, she feels like being transformed into another person— a sexier, more confident version of herself.

She says, “Mako-compare ko siya sa pagsuot ng heels.


“Kasi ang heels, di ba, parang ang lakas maka-babae.

"Parang feel mo talaga na babaeng babae ka pag naka-heels ka.

“So ito, gano’n din ang feeling ko kapag ginagamit ko 'tong Slip Into.

“Ang sexy ng dating niya sa akin, ang elegante… sophisticated.”

CHYNNA'S DEADLY WHIFF. Like Angel, Kapuso actress Chynna Ortaleza likes to wear a scent that makes her feel different— somewhat mysterious and unique.

Being a self-confessed lover of all things dark and avant garde, Chynna is vocal about her admiration for international pop star Lady Gaga, who recently launched her fragrance merchandise.

The Fame by Lady Gaga perfume is a staple in Chynna's beauty arsenal as it really evokes a different feeling.

From the striking bottle design, down to its black liquid form— yes, the perfume itself is black, a first in the world— Fame stirs up a dark and sensual elegance for Chynna.

“Bongga siya! Very elegant na parang ang mysterious ng dating.

"I just found out na meron siyang small amount of poison in it.

"It's called Belladonna, and it's a toxic na... parang chemical, na ginagamit dati.

“So, kahit hindi naman deadly iyong mismong perfume, kasi small amount lang naman siya, ang feeling mo parang deadly ka rin... Dead sexy!” she quips.

ANNE'S SWEET COLLECTION. Meanwhile, It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis came out with her own line of fragrance under lifestyle Bench last year.

The collection, which includes three body sprays and three perfume variants, literally spoonfeeds people with the actress-host's multi-faceted personality.


A versatile character and an adventurous woman, Anne moves between those six fragrances, which she uses according to her mood.

For her daily upkeep, Anne puts on either one of her three body sprays— Amour Baby Kisses, Amour Carnival Cocktail, and Amour Cuppycake.

The fresh and light scents from each of the three sprays always give her that boost of energy during the day.

And for parties and evening events, she chooses between her collection’s three perfume alternatives— Sweetheart, Fierce, and Glamorous.

Anne says, “I love them all! I don’t have just one favorite, because I really use all of them.

“Like, for Showtime or tapings, I’d wear the body spray. It’s really refreshing and it gets me energized.

“For events and parties or night-outs, of course, I would want to feel a little different, a little sexy.

“So, I’d pick either Glamour or Sweetheart or Fierce, depende na rin sa outfit.”





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