Jasmine Curtis gives advice for summer skin care

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Jasmine Curtis on how she takes care of her skin: "I always put toner on and moisturize it para makahinga ulit yung face ko after a long day with make-up or long hours with make-up."

Jasmine Curtis was launched today, January 24, as the new face of Flawless at Romulo Café, Sct. Tuason cor. Sct. Lazcano St., Quezon City.

Young, fresh and beautiful, Jasmine is indeed a sound choice that dovetails with the clinic's objective of catering to a young market.

From the skin care center's wide array of services, Jasmine chooses the facial treatment as her favorite.

She stresses the importance of taking care of one’s face daily.

She says, “With my skin kasi, before I go to bed, I always clean it first with... you know, facial wash.

“Tapos, I always put toner on and moisturize it para makahinga ulit yung face ko after a long day with make-up, or after long hours with make-up.

“And then yun... in the morning, I do the same again para fresh ulit.

Jasmine enumerated the top three skin care products she can’t do without:

“I can’t go without Pond's cream. I also use Neutrogena for my moisturizer.

“For facial wash, I basically use anything that’s good when it comes to blemishes or pimples.

“So, I usually go for the Avon clear skin line kasi it’s kind of like a scrub. So, they have that for your face and for your body as well.

“Kasi minsan, dito [neck area] ako nagkakaroon din. So, yun. It really helps the arm.”

Believe it or not, these are just about what Jasmine does every day to preserve her print ad-worthy beauty.

“Actually, yun lang. The way I maintain it is my beauty regimen: the cleansing, the toning and the moisturizing.


“I don’t usually put make-up on; only if I have events to go to or special occasions. Mga ganun lang.”

With today’s unpredictable climate, summer can’t be too far. We asked Jasmine how she takes care of her skin under the sun.

Her advice: “Lagi lang dapat mag-sunblock. I mean, I don’t always put sunblock on.

“Kasi gusto kong ma-tan. Kasi hindi naman ako burnt. I don’t attract the burn. So, it’s really just to tan.

“But I suggest sunblock if you don’t want to get darker. Mag-sunblock na lang. If you don’t want to get the hurtful burn, ganun.”

She also recommends toning down on make-up for the season.

She says, “For summer, dapat 'wag ka nang mag-powder, 'wag ka nang mag-foundation.

“I suggest either eyeliner, mascara, tapos lip gloss. Para fresh lang and you can go into the water kung gusto mong mag-swimming, ganun.

“Hindi siya parang magba-blotch yung look, ganun. Or cheek tint from Simply Pretty Avon, di ba? Ganun lang.”

At 18, Jasmine admits that her workout regimen is still “non-existent.” Not that she needs it. Maybe not just yet.

The TV5 princess says, “But that’s one of my resolutions this year; na sana this year, I can try working out and be fit.

“Kasi hinihingal ako kahit naglalakad ako, aakyat ng stairs. But yeah, I’m not fat. I’m not saying kailangan kong magpapayat. I just need to get fit.”

She also says she's not yet diet-conscious.


“Not so,” Jasmine says, “I just go with what I wanna eat.

“But that’s something I need to be aware of when I work out, kung gusto kong i-maintain yung fitness ko.”





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