Iza Calzado shares tips for losing weight and keeping fit

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Iza Calzado believes that crash diets can do more harm than good. So, what's her sensible way to safely shed off those unwanted pounds? Move a lot and eat less carbohydrates.

Iza Calzado has been very vocal about her struggle to lose weight during her adolescent years.

She struggled with obesity as a teenager, until she finally decided to lose weight— the wrong way.

In the July 2009 issue of Women’s Health magazine, Iza shared that she used to do crash diets and lost 80 pounds within a year.

Her weight became unstable during that time, which made her realize that she was losing weight the wrong way.

That’s why the reality show The Biggest Loser, which she will host soon for ABS-CBN, is close to her heart.

Iza told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a presscon last January 22 that she can relate to the struggles of the show’s contestants.

“It’s hard to maintain, you know, trying to achieve goals,” the Kapmilya actress said when PEP interviewed her at Casa Filipino in Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City.

“You know, once in a while I get off track and I’m not as focused as I would like to be.

“So, now I have to be more focused kasi I’m hosting it, I have to be a good model when I [start hosting].”

As far as she knows, the show will air this March, and she’s really excited about it.

MOVE A LOT. After realizing the negative effects of crash diets, Iza decided to engage in sports, enroll in a gym, balance her diet, and just move a lot.

According to Iza, moving a lot is a good way to jumpstart your goal of losing weight.


“So, I think the best, aside from cutting down on carbs, is to get as much rest as you can and then be as active as you can be.

“Kasi I will not force anybody to work out if wala rin naman silang kilos— it defeats the purpose.”

She relates a recent experience, when she went to Sydney to spend the holidays with her Filipino-British boyfriend Ben Wintle.

“Kasi na-notice ko when I went to Sydney, when I came back I was lighter because hindi rin naman ako yung super pig-out.

“I was still working out when I was there, pero I was walking more, sobrang ang daming lakad, I was always active,” she narrates

The Kahit Puso’y Masugatan star even adds that having a boyfriend who is into sports helps motivate her to be more active.

LESS CARBS. Iza says too much carbohydrate intake is one factor in gaining weight.

So, her advice: less carbs, more fruits and vegetables, and eat lean meat in moderation.

“It’s hard!” Iza admits with a laugh.

“I have my cheat meals, but my cheat meals cannot be every day— para sa akin ‘yon. Alam mo, mayro’n kasing mga tao na puwede talaga, e.

“Alam mo, I wish people would just tell me, ‘sobrang payat mo,’ at sasabihin ko lang, ‘hindi ako tumataba, e.’

“I wish I was one of those people, I would not have a problem because you know what? I spend so much time in the gym.

“Sabi ko nga puwede na akong magtapos ng kolehiyo. Kung ita-tally natin ‘yong workout hours ko, tapos na ako ng kolehiyo.”


But above all, the Kapamilya actress says that the most important thing that you should do to lose weight is to accept and appreciate yourself.

“We’re all built with different shapes,” Iza says.

“If I’m built this way, I just have to maximize it.”





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