Ella Cruz considers taking shooting lessons to prepare for "future zombie attacks"

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Ella Cruz collects and plays with gadgets as a hobby. On the set of her now-defunct show Aryana, Ella would pass her time playing zombie-themed games and communicating with friends and fans through social networking.

One of ABS-CBN's fast-rising teen stars is Ella Cruz, lead star of the now-defunct mermaid tale Aryana.

In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on January 14, at the show's farewell press conference held at ABS-CBN's 9501 Restaurant, she shared a bit about her private life as she gamely answered questions regarding her off-cam interests.

GADGET LOVE. During the general Q&A, the young members of the fantaserye cast were asked to identify the investments they've made out of their paychecks from the show.

Aside from a new residential property in Quezon City, Ella noted that she has bought herself a new iPad Mini tablet and a Blackberry phone.

Busy as she is shooting the last few episodes of her successful soap, Ella proved that she still manages to have fun and be up-to-date with the latest buzz in the modern world, just like any other 16-year-old girl.

She tells, "Isa na po ito [gadgets] sa mga hobbies ko, kasi, iyon nga, mahilig po ako mag-internet, maglaro sa iPad, 'tsaka mag-Twitter.

"Siguro, hobbies ko na rin po siya."

She regulary checks on the latest games and applications, and insists on having all of these installed in her gadgets.

"Sa Blackberry po, siyempre iyong BBM [Blackberry Messenger] 'tsaka Twitter.

"'Tapos sa iPad naman po, mga games, like Walking Dead, Zombie Tsunami..."

READY FOR ZOMBIES. Noting her fancy for zombie-inspired games, we asked Ella if she's really fond of the mythical creatures.

"Hmmm... pwede na rin po, opo! Oo nga 'no? Zombies 'tsaka Walking Dead," she answered in a bubbly tone.


The young actress related her belief in zombies and backed it up, saying, "Sabi nga ng ate ko, may possibility nga na magkaroon ng zombies in the future.

"Gawa ng mga tao din daw po."

And if that hunch comes true, would she be prepared in case an outbreak happens?

"Hmmm... oo. Kasi base sa mga, iyon nga, sa nilalaro ko, kung pa'no patayin iyong mga zombies, siguro iyon lang iyong nasa isip ko sa ngayon.

"'Tsaka, iyong naging movie ko noong nasa Manila Filmfest [Metro Manila Film Festival] is about zombies din po.

"Iyong Shake, Rattle and Roll XIV: Lost Command, zombies naman din po sila doon."

Seeing how enthusiastic and convinced Ella was about the topic, we asked if she's willing to take gun-shooting courses to prepare herself for a possible zombie attack.

She answered, "Opo, kasi mahilig din naman po ako sa action."

Ella also expressed her desire to do action flicks, given the chance.

"Opo, masaya po iyan!

"Bilang si Aryana, medyo uma-action na rin po ako, so bakit po hindi?

"Iyong may paa naman po talaga, iyong may tumbling-tumbling na nagaganap."

K-POP ADDICTION. Aside from zombie games and social networking, Ella also shared that she uses her gadgets to listen to music.

And her favorite artists: "Usually po K-pop, Taylor Swift songs, 'tsaka mga anything na pinakabago po na mga kanta."

Does she also watch movies on her iPad?

"Movies? Wala po, e.

"Music videos! Usually, favorite K-pop girl group ko po, Girls Generation," Ella said, gushing like any other K-pop fan.


So what is it about this type of music that got our local Little Mermaid so engrossed?

"Siguro, kasi... unang-una sa lahat, yung music videos niya is sobrang catchy.

"Iyong damit, background, 'tsaka yung moves nila kakaiba 'tsaka cute.

"And usually yung GG [short for Girls Generation] kahit papaano, magaganda rin naman iyong music nila.

"Kahit hindi mo sila naiintindihan, maganda naman."

Given her bright future in showbiz, would she accept if ever ABS-CBN gives her the opportunity to be part of a girl group ala-Girls Generation?

"Puwede po! Pangarap ko rin naman po maging singer, e!" she answered with a wide smile.

And who would she want to have as co-members?

"Sama po natin sila Michelle [Vito], sila Celine [Lim], sila Eunice [Lagusad]. Iyong mga nakasama ko sa Aryana.

"Kasi sila po, dahil nga mahilig ako sa K-pop, naimpluwensyahan ko rin sila, so sila napapasayaw rin ng K-pop."

HELP FROM TECHNOLOGY. As a young actress who spends most of her time taping, how does Ella think her gadgets help her at work?

"Uhm, pag wala pong ano, pag may free time po...

"Kunyari walang eksena, ayun po, nare-relax niya po iyong mind ko.

"Nae-enjoy po ako kahit papaano."





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