Gian Magdangal’s impressive balancing act

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Gian on having another baby with partner Sheree: "Oh, that's a luxury! We need to work. Our business, you know, our occupation's pretty… It can be lucrative at times, and sometimes, not so lucrative. There's a big temptation to enjoy too much sometimes. But, you know, we need to balance it."

The first month of 2013 has been quite busy for singer-actor Gian Magdangal.

For the past 31 days, he’s juggled his time between three different shows: the stage musical Katy, which ran at the CCP Little Theater from January 17 to 27; GMA-7’s new afternoon drama series Forever; and the regular Sunday noontime variety show Party Pilipinas.

Does he still have time to enjoy life outside his career? (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked him this question in an interview last January 8, at GMA-7's 14th floor restaurant.

Gian began his answer by saying, "Basically, I… actually, I'm not the type of person also who goes out.

“If ever I go out, it would also be with my family naman.

“People I get to hang out with are already in work. Sa Party Pilipinas, every Sunday, the music side.

"Amazingly, you know, in a week, I stumble across three different groups [of friends].


“Theater, music, and this soap [Forever].”

Unlike other people, “hanging out with friends” for Gian means more than just sitting around and passing time.

“[It] is really this... to sharpen that drive of being able to learn more of our craft.”

He narrates how much passion he has for improving every aspect of his career, fueled just as well by his relentless drive to get to the apex of his being a compleat performer.

"I've always been an academic actor, e,” Gian explains.

“Meaning, it's something that I'm always hungry for. You know, like you just wanna do more.

“Do more. You're always hungry. I'm full, but I'm hungry pa.”

Gian recognizes the fact that, somehow, his career as a television actor is his own personal resurrection.

He started out in mainstream showbiz mainly as a singer, placing second in the singing competition Philippine Idol in 2006.

But his acting career only began when GMA-7 started casting him in shows like Rosalinda (2009) and Legacy (2012).


"I'm always seeing this as a second life as an artist, because already, at one point in my life, I've quit, e.

“But I keep going back. You feel lucky, you feel thankful,” he shares.

Along with all his career endeavors, Gian still has his partner, singer-actress Sheree, and their son Gian Haley to look after.

So, how does he go about balancing his career and family life?

"Family is always something that needs to be given time.

"Yun nga, seven days in a week… no excuse.

“I'm lucky. I'm lucky enough that, of course, this time I'm a family man now… that's a whole different story, too.

"But our job is of this nature, and I have a very understanding partner, Sheree, and I'm trying my best to give whatever free time I have.”

Gian, who began dating Sheree in the midst of a controversial love triangle with his former girlfriend Aiza Marquez, says that he is still very much in love with the former Viva Hot Babe.


And how are they doing nearly six years later?

"We're good! Me and Sheree are good!

“She's busy with her new stint. She's actually shooting a movie in Australia. Some kinda…” he pauses hesitantly.

“For now, that's all we have to say."

Somehow it was their passion for music that brought Gian and Sheree together, and he happily reports that his partner is still getting it on with her singing career.

"She recently formed a band and we're doing shows together.

“We actually have a show in PAGCOR,” referring to the casino branch at the Heritage Hotel in Pasay City.

The show is on February 6.

Of course, aside from the music, Gian and Sheree also share parenting duties to their son, who is now four-years old.

Again, Gian proudly and happily tells PEP that Gian Haley has started nursery schooling.

Are there any plans for the couple to add another baby to their brood?


"Oh, that's a luxury!" Gian blurts outl laughing.

"We need to work. Our business, you know, our occupation's pretty…

“It can be lucrative at times, and sometimes, not so lucrative.

“There's a big temptation to enjoy too much sometimes. But, you know, we need to balance it."


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