STARBIZ: Gabby Eigenmann and Rochelle Pangilinan are now proud co-owners of a spa!

IMAGE Mike Caliwara

On February 10, Reluxe Spa was formally opened to the public with endorsers Dingdong Dantes and Max Collins (main photo). It's owned by a group of stars— Gabby Eigenmann (right, top) and wife Apples, Geoff Eigenmann, LJ Reyes, Arthur Solinap, Rochelle Pangilinan (right, below)— together with businessman Patrick Yap and "mastermind"/talent manager Perry Lansigan.

They have the money to spend, but it usually isn’t an overnight decision for the stars to be part of a business venture.

In Gabby Eigenmann’s case, the first step is finding the conviction to do it.

“If I won’t be needed anymore, meron akong masasandalan,” he told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last night, February 10, at the opening and blessing of Reluxe Spa, which he co-owns with Perry Lansigan, businessman Patrick Yap, and fellow actors Geoff Eigenmann, LJ Reyes, Rochelle Pangilinan, and Arthur Solinap.

Next, it’s important to know where to put your extra earnings.

Back in the early 2000s, he invested on “producing concerts and events” together with his good friend Dingdong Dantes and their manager Perry.

“We came up with Duo Entertainment. Sabi ko, since we’re both naman in the business, ‘Tara, ano tayo… within the same field. Okay naman, masaya naman kami.”


Dingdong eventually went on trying his hand at producing films.

Gabby stopped, and set his sights on putting up a spa.

“Si Perry ang mastermind ng lahat,” the Kapuso actor began. “Sabi ko, why spa? Mahabang argument yun, e. Hindi pa kami nag-ga-gather ng ibang investors. Kami pa lang, ako, Perry, Apples [his wife]…”

One of Gabby’s major considerations was “location.”

“Sabi ko, ang dami-daming spa sa area— sa Timog, Tomas Morato.

“So, the advantage that we have is we’re in a hotel. So kaming in-house pa sa hotel.

"Hindi naman so-so hotel ang Luxent Hotel, so natuwa kami coz there was an opening.”

Another advantage, it’s near GMA-7 and ABS-CBN.

“I think in our field of work, spa will always be part of it.

“Pagod tayo or kunwari may taping tayo sa area, instead of waiting in our cars, magpa-spa ka, magpamasahe ka.”

He picked the Touch of Asia Massage, a 90-minute combination of Filipino Pride (hilot) and ventosa (which helps release toxins), as his favorite.


How about the price?

Gabby replied, “We cannot say it’s affordable. We cannot say it’s expensive. It’s competitive.”

It's a bonus, he said, that every part of the spa has a touch of the stars involved.

Smiling, Gabby related, “May kanya-kanyang assignments. Ang naka-assign sa akin, electronics, e— CCTV, intercom, computer…

“Sina LJ and Apples, decoration.


“Si Arthur, signage!”

And who’s in charge of the manicure and pedicure?

ROCHELLE IS “IMPROVING!” She happily said “me” when PEP turned to her for a separate interview.

What can she say about her “co-owner” tag?

In kalog manner, she replied, “Improving!”

But it’s no joke being in charge of something, “Mahirap pala, ha. Mabusisi!”

For one, the investment is not cheap.

The Kapuso dancer-actress exclaimed, “Sobrang mahal! Hindi naman yung tipong maghihirap ka pero mahal siya.”

But if there’s one advice she can give to those who are planning to put up a business, “Hindi lang pera, e, kailangan din talaga ng time at effort.


"Ako po kasi, trabaho, sayaw ‘tapos rehearsal ‘tapos diretso akong pamili, bili, bili kung saan-saan. So ganun po yung ginagawa kong routine...

"Every day, simula po nung November, nag-usap-usap kami. Nandun yung nagtatalu-talo kami, nandun yung napapaos ako, nandun yung nagkasakit na ako, nandun yung nandun ka na sa tindahan, wala ka pang decision. Inaantay mo lahat ng sagot.

"Kada isang item, kailangan sumasang-ayon ang lahat. So ganun ka-detailed lahat. Dun pa lang ipo-promote mo na talaga siya kasi yung effort mo, kasabay ng lahat ng trabaho mo.:

It would also help if there’s trust among partners.

“Yung pagpili ng mga tao, binase ko na sa sinabi ng mga co-owners. Aminado ako na hindi ko pa nata-try ang kahit ano kaya once nagawa ko na, todo-plug ako talaga. Yun ang magiging next assignment ko.”

DINGDONG’S ROLE. The owners chose him, along with Max Collins, as endorsers.

Just before leaving the event, the Kapuso leading man told PEP about his participation, “Siyempre, for the love of PPL [which manages his career], naniniwala ako sa kakayahan nila.


“I believe itong venture na ito, it’s worth investing sa oras saka sa lahat, dahil fan din sila ng spa, so alam nila kung anong gusto nilang style.”

Why didn’t he join the venture?

Dingdong’s answer: “Mas gusto kong ma-relax, e, kumbaga it’s better to be a client than be an entrepreneur at this point…

"I had a few minutes of their massage during the pictorial, it’s fantastic! Gusto ko, parating ano lang ako, customer.”


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