COUPLES WATCH: Gabby Eigenmann and the secret to his 15-year marriage

IMAGE Renjie Tolentino

Gabby Eigenmann does not have any concrete plan yet on February 14. He told PEP, “Wala pa, pero we’re planning… Kasi, hindi na uso yung date-date na pang-dalawahan lang. Group date, kami nina Geoff [Eigenmann], nina Carla [Abellana]. Under negotiation pa.”

When you’re married, “everyday is a challenge.”

And one thing Gabby Eigenmann has learned is to avoid any complication, never let other factors affect your mood.

He told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the launch of Reluxe Spa on February 10, “Even if I’m tired, ano ako, positive ako, e… I think that one’s also that keeps me [as] me.

“Kahit negative yung nangyari buong araw, when I come home, you know, positive talaga.”

He and wife Apples have been together for 15 years.

“That’s something!” we said.

“Yeah,” Gabby remarked, smiling. “It’s challenging, yet if you come to think of it, it’s also easy to find out how it would work.”

Early on, he knew he’d be better off with a non-showbiz girl. And this, he pointed out, is one of the best choices he made in his life.

“Like I said before, even when I was starting in the business, hindi naman maiiwasang ma-link sa kapwa artista.


“Pero for me, this is my own opinion, mahirap e kapag kapwa-artista ang karelasyon mo.”

The character actor previously dated Krista Ranillo, and also courted Antoinette Taus.

He resumed, “There are pros and cons. Ang okay dun e you both understand your job.

“But then again, ang negative side dun e you don’t spend much time kasi you’re both working— andiyan yung selos, andiyan yung ano [tukso]…”

The situation, he said, is less-complicated if your partner understands what you do and, at the same time, knows her priorities.

“At the end of the day, pagka non-showbiz, she does her thing, I do my thing. When you come home, I know that she’ll be there.”

Trust is another important component of a happy marriage.

“That’s a given. Sometimes, it becomes bendable. You may bend it a little but it will come to a point, you have to gain it back, you have to straighten it again.”


But as a husband, he can’t go on without “prayers.”

The son of Mark Gil with Irene Celebre said, “It will always be number one because it makes things lighter.”

Lastly, do not disregard the little things you can do.

Gabby said, “Every time I wake up, I always put a smile on my face. It’s a brand new day. Before I sleep, I also do the same thing, I smile…”

It’s a simple gesture to show you’re grateful for what you have.

“In my case, 15 years and four kids,” the Kapuso star ended.


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