PEP FORUM: Celebrity ladies dish out on the importance of celebrating Valentine’s Day with their significant others

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Actresses (L-R) Marian Rivera, Jackie Rice, Andrea Torres, and Eula Caballero unanimously agree that lovers should celebrate Valentine’s Day. It doesn't matter whether it's the guy or the girl who will plan out that one day, so long as both parties exert effort in making the day special.

But of course, extra “pogi” points still go to the guy who sweats it and makes it happen!

Dear Men,

We expect fireworks on V-day.

Love, Women.

So, maybe the ladies in a relationship expect their hubbies or boyfriends to make Valentine’s Day a bit more special than the weekly Friday dinner date.

At least that's what (Philippine Entertainment Portal) found out when we asked actresses Marian Rivera, Jackie Rice, Andrea Torres, and Eula Caballero if lovers should indeed celebrate heart’s day.

While some might think that Valentine’s is just a frivolous idea hyped up by media and Hallmark greeting cards, to couples— especially the women— the day of love is meant to be cherished and spent with that special someone.

MARIAN RIVERA. For Kapuso primetime queen Marian Rivera, who has been in a long term relationship with heartthrob actor Dingdong Dantes, couples should make it a point to be with each other on that significant day. The Marimar star says, “Otherwise, what’s the point of being boyfriend-girlfriend?”

While it’s no deal-breaker for the Filipina-Spanish beauty if a guy doesn’t see the importance of Valentine’s, Marian still stresses, “Dahil ang Valentine’s ay araw ng mga puso, kung totoong nagmamahal ka, hindi mo makakalimutan yun at mag-e-effort ka!”

Soon to star in Jade Castro’s romantic-comedy My Lady Boss, Marian adds that if a guy doesn’t find it necessary to celebrate V-day, she herself will make him realize that it is to her.

JACKIE RICE. 22-year-old Jackie Rice, a GMA-7-grown talent, has been in a relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend Andrew Lopez for almost four years.


In an interview, the Sisid actress admits that she is the type of girlfriend who celebrates Valentine’s Day.

Soon to star as a bida-kontrabida in the afternoon soap Bukod Kang Pinagpala, Jackie says, “Importante sa akin ang Valentine’s kasi siyempre, hindi pa kami mag-asawa, di ba?

“Pag mag-asawa na kami, hindi na special yun, e. Napansin ko lang, ha?

“Kaya hangga’t may boyfriend ako, hanggang single ako, yung wala pang asawa, gusto ko, nag-se-celebrate, kumakain sa labas.”

Jackie laughs when asked who makes plans for both of them— “Yung boyfriend ko! Mas babae siya sa akin, e!”

It will be a big deal for the actress if her guy passes up on Valentine’s. Pouting, Jackie tell PEP, “Kahit hindi nga lang ako batiin, e!”

Luckily, her boyfriend has never done so.

“Hindi pa naman. Wag naman!

Jackie cheerfully recounts, “Ito nga, ang aga. January pa lang nagpaplano na siya for Valentine’s!

“Gusto niya, kumain sa labas. Sa Tagaytay!”

At first, she found going on a date in Tagaytay silly, because she lives there. Then Jackie realized how thoughtful it was of her boyfriend to make an effort anyway.

“Parang hindi ko na naisip na ‘Awww...’ Kung may taping man, kakain pa rin [kami]!”

ANDREA TORRES. Commercial model turned TV actress Andrea Torres, who recently starred in the Kapuso afternoon soap Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga with Mikael Daez, is single at the moment.

She tells in an interview via email, “On a regular day, I don't hold back in showing affection to the people close to my heart so all the more on the day when everyone is just bursting with love!”


As ridiculous as it may seem, the 22-year-old morena beauty thinks that it's okay to let Valentine’s Day get to you.

She shares, “When I was in a relationship, I get really excited because we would each have a gimmick—something unique every year. It strengthens your bond.”

Andrea gives a shout out to the men: “Guys, don't mind being super cheesy!”

Would she expect her future boyfriend—not that she is ready at the moment what with showbiz on her plate—to get creative on international couples’s day?

The actress says, “Of course, as a girl we would expect.

“I'm going to feel bad if he doesn't do anything. It will make me feel neglected and unimportant.

“But we should also have something for our significant other. I think it's always give and take. You should also make him feel special on Valentine's!”

For now, Andrea is enjoying being single, but, “I'm still going to make it fun with friends, family and [have] a good alone time.”

EULA CABALLERO. The blooming TV5 princess Eula Caballero, 17, has her own stand regarding Valentine’s Day.

She conveyed to through email that if she is someone's girlfriend, Eula would be the kind of gal who will celebrate heart’s day.

A note to Eula’s suitors though; this Star Factor champion wants the guy to be the one to make an effort: “For this one special day for couples, I’d give it to that someone very special for me.


“But he has to make me feel he deserves this! Or else I'm dating my dad!”

Lastly, she underlines: “I would really expect the guy to do the planning but in case he doesn’t come up with anything, [it will be] no big of a deal.

“I can [straightforwardly] and maturely ask him out and plan it.

“It’s a relationship. Forget about pride before it eats us two up! Be generous enough.”





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